Friday, January 15, 2016

Not Another Sales Post

You know that stupid thing that's happening on sales, when you always swear that you will be buying useful stuff, and you end up looking at the new-ins in awe? Yes, that is happening a lot there too. All these garments that used to look glamorous and ultra needed, suddenly have lost their sparkle. The new ones dazzle you with their vivid colors and newness and they make you dream of all these spring walks that you are about to enjoy while wearing them. The same thing happened to me while I was browsing through some of my beloved on-line shopping destinations. A new pair of flared jeans, a nice, sturdy, neutral coat, some new sportswear in beautiful colors and some extra basics to brighten up your old, trusty classics. Clothes that can be easily layered, such as a denim chemise, are a must and they should be an essential part of our wardrobe, no matter the season. So, whatever you choose to buy, make sure that it can be worn at least nine months per year. In case you've been talking about wise choices.

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