Thursday, September 3, 2015

Is It Autumn Yet?

Black leather, suede, studs and tassels, the new season is so exciting! I know it's still fairly hot, but no fashion lover can deny the thrill of a new pair of shoes. Let's be honest, when your beach holiday is over, there is no other joy to crave than your first warm coffee of the season, while snuggling in cozy knits. Just like any other winter, I'll stick to my basic palette of black, grey, white and leopard, along with some gem hues. Make sure that you add up some basics, mixing them with some more exciting pieces like aztec prints and damask velvet ones. Septembers are always the hastiest of months, as I am trying to recover from my very long summer holiday, while hopelessly trying to put my life in an organized mood once again Until then, online shopping and the latest Vogue issue laying on my bedside table will do the job. 

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