Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Backpack

Current favorite: David Jones sturdy backpack
I am one of those girls who literally carry their lives in their bags; that is to say, my precious handbags usually carry my books, my agenda, my wallet, my make-up bag, one or two Tupperwares with packed meals and anything that may come in handy throughout the day. Not to mention all these spare stuff like lip balms, cereal bars, pineapples (ok, I may have to stop to the greengrocer's too, where am I supposed to carry these things?) that will probably give me the strongest biceps ever. And although I literally adore that stylish burden, it would be true to say that sometimes it sucks the life out of me, leaving me hope that one day I'll have my hands free to carry my grocery bags or browse through the endless racks of clothing while shopping. Then like a deus ex machina, here comes the much loved backpack, which is here to leave us girls light as a feather. You may not be able to stack everything in it, but it will surely give you that much coveted carefree feeling that you may pursue from time to time. I have gone for that cute, black David Jones beauty that will look nice in any kind of weather and does not confine my free fashion spirit to a limited spectrum of choices, because of its versatility and simplicity. The choices are endless, choose yours wisely!



Snow Princess Bella said...

Lovely bags <3

* Helen * said...

Gorgeous backpacks, I'd love to own one of them! <3

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Helder Pereira said...

Great selection!

misscarrie79 said...

Very nice bags!
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Yonosoyunaitgirl Sandra CuiƱa said...

Nice bags! XX

HMLovur said...

Great bags!


Pooja Mittal said...

such nice bags, really liked the first shape
Keep in touch

Stavroula DrugstoreBLover said...

Beautiful backpacks, especially the first four! :) Do you really carry tupperwares with you? Hahaha you're amazing! x

Isabella Tang said...

Gorgeous bags, I love the paul and joe one especially! x
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Vikee said...

Fabulous backpacks

Love Vikee

Hekyma _ said...

That bagpack from MoonyMod is beautiful ! X

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Diana Cloudlet said...

To be honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything is so beautiful!
I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

Diana Cloudlet




Like the nude one :) M&MFASHIONBITES
Maria V.

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