Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Man Out of You

FrontRowShop Shirt, Asos Sunglasses, Zara Shorts

When it comes to clothes, one of the few things I despise wearing is shirts. Maybe it's something about the collar, making me feel suffocated or simply old. That's why one can never spot me buying these, unless they are made for men; men shirts are to be loved through all seasons as they are hindering no movement, they are stylish (Carrie Bradshaw would nod "yes"), and they definitely scream personal expression. The bad thing is that their shoulder line usually looks odd on female bodies, even in the smallest of sizes. Nevertheless, this one I got from the Front Row Shop has been a pleasant surprise; it is a manly shirt made for women, it's 100% cotton, it's buttoned in the front and in the back and it is long enough to cover your butt, creating that feeling of nudity beneath (please, wear some shorts, you don't need to take risks like that).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Birthday Gal Is Pondering

Birthdays have taught me that through life you can choose one out of two roads; to grow old, or to grow up. You grow old when you go with the flow, when you choose safety, when you are afraid to take risks because you feel "too old for this shit". You let yourself grow old when you lose hope, when you don't believe in tremendous meanings like love, faith, peace, equality. When you stop fighting for your dreams. Sure there will be ups and downs -that's the fun part I guess- but I decided never to grow old. Be brave enough to grow up and mature. Be playful, be optimistic, look on the bright side and things will rise and shine. Grow up and accept that life is life, discuss with kids, listen to the weak, imitate the courageous ones, sympathise, listen, understand. At least keep trying. Αnd if there is one thing I have learnt through the course of my short life is that life always gives you back what you offered. Ι'm growing up and I love it. Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, June 9, 2014

That Extra Half An Inch

Summer is officially here and I bet you have already prepared your shopping lists for the new season. Last year I shopped for some absolute basics, like a pair of denim shorts and some boyfriend jeans, (you know how difficult it is to find a nice fitting core, right?) along with many white vests and plain palazzo pants. As we are talking, I haven't yet managed to organise my wardrobe essentials in a proper manner -there is so much going on at the moment- but as far as I can imagine, only some little details are needed to complete my summer looks list. Like a pair of dressy sandals, cause I only own wedges, or a luscious gown for all these summer weddings I have to attend. I may also need a nice fitting blazer, in floral or a simple white version. And I also find these Mel beauties as a nice substitute to Havaianas, because of that pink camellia stuck on them, which is so Chanel.
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Espadrilles also continue to be on the forefront of style for another summer to come, and despite the fact that I am not much into them, I think they are cute enough to be worn with day dresses and folded jeans. My favorite item would also be that sleeveless pinstripe tuxedo jacket which looks amazing when worn unbuttoned with a bralet top in white, or super classy when worn as a top, with some high-waisted white shorts. Nautical stripes, leopard details, broderie anglaise, coral hues, all these details are here to spice up your basic outfits of the season. Go for that extra half an inch that will make you stand out from the crowd,  simply by making wise choices while shopping. 

Enjoy the beginning of a wonderful season!
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