Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sloggi Wow!

Are you ready or do you push snooze?
Red lipstick or running shoes?
Latte to go or pancakes in  bed?
Do you take the car or the backseat of the bike?
Call a friend or call it a night?
You are free to choose.
Sloggi was established in 1979 with the slogan "The Cotton Revolution".
For over 30 years, Sloggi has meant one thing; comfortable, high-quality briefs with
a very special, comfortable fit. But thanks to the parent company, Triumph, Sloggi has more 
than 125 years of experience in producing bodywear.
Today, 126 Sloggis are produced every minute.
In a year, that makes 3.630 tonnes of Sloggis, and that's the same weight as 11 jumbo jets!
And if you took all the sewing yarn used to make Sloggis up until today,
you could make a line from the earth to the moon. 12 times!
In 2009, Sloggi launched light cotton, a super soft material made from cotton and lycra
using a laser cut technology. The cotton revolution is back! The hunt for even better bodywear continued and by 2011, Sloggi had developed the material "Light Ultra Soft".
This gave women bodywear that made them look outstanding, but was invisible from the outside.
Leading us to 2013, the year Sloggi launches its new pride project, Sloggi Wow!
The invisible bodywear that both looks and feels "WOW" whilst making you feel great. Wow!
Bra: Sloggi Wow! WHPM
Invisible and seamless, made with multi-options to wear. The ultra-sonic technology 
and bonding create a perfect fit. And the innovative
 new cups with super flat edges give a perfect round bust.
Pants: Sloggi Wow! Hipster
 Ultra-sonic technology and bonding provide a perfect fit and allow 
colour contrasts without seams. invisible from the outside. 
Made in a super soft, super light material, great to touch and wear.

The new Sloggi Wow! series is designed to attract a new and younger audience. 
These women are not willing to choose between comfort and looks. 
And why should they?
Thanks to the innovative new ultra-sonic technology and bonding, 
we've been able to develop a new series of bodywear, 
combining the wish for a perfect fit, super comfort and look.

Sloggi Wow! provides young women with a more modern look with colourful details.
 Yet its appearance stays clean thanks to the lack of seams. 
This is Sloggi's first step to an ultimate brand makeover, 
aimed to give femininity back to women themselves. 
Because we are free to be anything.So we don't want to compromise.
 Sloggi Wow! is the ultimate everyday bodywear, because it 
lets you do your thing everyday. 
Feel your freedom.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Like A Bird

It's flouncy, it's colorful, it's my first new season dress and I absolutely love it. It is also beautifully made, sturdy, unique in design and super affordable. It comes in black as well, but white looks so much bettter, doesn't it? The certain one came along with another beauty, which is about to be shown in a few days' time. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays. Can't wait to hear from you. Big kiss and hug.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Just a word of notice, ladies and gentlemen.

Some days ago I received some mails from Facebook, in my personal mail account, that "I" have "successfully created" a Facebook profile, plus a hundred or more mails claiming that "I" have added tons of strangers as Friends, people who have been commenting under my pictures and chatting with "me" via Inbox messages. I tried to search for the profile, but it was nowhere to be found as the person who created it was "smart" enough to block me. To make a long story short, I found the profile with the help of a good friend of mine and I couldn't believe my eyes with all the insanity happening out there. 

As a blogger who loves personal expression and all that sharing thing Internet offers, I would be silly enough to claim that the photos posted are not meant to be shared. If that happens in the fashion/ personal style circles, that is ok, as this is what the story is supposed to be. But using a person's personal data for impersonating them through the net is a serious crime that has to be punished.

I am not going to talk about the certain person's pathetic existence, because I feel sorry for their lack of personal life. A well-balanced person would never try to violate another person's sanity, neither would they seek ways to bring redundant anxiety to someone's life. It was pretty clear right from the beginning that the certain person has been really close to me, for guessing my email password and blocking all my close friends and family members from Facebook (seriously now, does anyone have so much free time for all that fuss?), and that was the most shocking part. Wanting to hurt someone to satisfy your emotional hunger? Wow. I guess I still have many things to learn from people.

Thanks to my close friends, and all my fellow bloggers' help, the certain profile was removed.

I have contacted the local authorities for legal advice, and they sent me to the Cybercrime Prosecution Departement, to fill a lawsuit for the certain person to be prosecuted legally, where they wanted me to fill in a form for the authorities to begin an investigation, and they told me that it was just a matter of time to get to the owner of the fake profile. As long as the profile has been shortly removed, I decided to let things be like that and let it go. After all, the certain person has probably been someone that I knew (-sadly enough- the suspects' spectrum is quite limited to me) and I seriously cannot stand any other kind of disappointment towards humanity. It may be dumb enough to let it go, as it is quite possible for the whole story to be repeated, but I still have faith that people are not as dumb as they project themselves to be on the net.

In case the certain story is to be repeated, I'll have no second thoughts taking legal action, as the psychological violence that comes by violating one's personality is a crime deserving severe punishment. I have a deep respect for personal freedom, and I believe in forgiveness, and that is something I have to support with my actions. The next time though, I'll not try to protect the other person. I will have to pick me instead.


*Oh, and if it's YOU, I hope your English is decent enough to understand. If not, I can send a translation.*

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spartoo Monthly

Spring is known as the most inconsistent of seasons, especially for a country like Greece. Summery, sunny days are usually followed by weekly showers, all in an instant. Therefore, while creating your daily styles you have to be imaginative, creative and of course full of inspiration for the new season. Here are some of the latest styles featured in Spartoo.Gr, divided in two categories;

For Her:
Yeap, ladies come always first dear fellas and that's why these quintessentialy cute pieces are the first to be shown above. A couple of simple tops, and one or two dresses that will be worn with your perfecto at first, and with no outerwear at all afterwards is a great place to begin. A tuxedo jacket worn along with your cropped tops and high waisted trousers will also do the job to make you feel brand new, not to mention the echo a new purse can have on your ego. Or a pair of sparkly flats. Or a pink skirt. Well, you know what I mean.
For Him:
Things are always simpler for our dear males, as a couple of new shirts or two pre-owned kind of T-shirts will give them that beloved Dean aura, especially when combined with the perfect chino and a pair of supreme quality suede boots. And if they are constatly on the move, a leather backpack like this Benetton one will accompany their out-and-abouts in the city. Oh, and don't forget a new, sleeveless jacket. It still gets extra chilly at nights.

Until the next post, 
take care!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Punched Jacket

Jubilee Lipstick by Mac 
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

There goes my new favorite, this punched jacket from  Front Row Shop. It is made from a leather-look fabric, punched all over, that makes it even more eye catching. I paired it with a plain black crop top and a pair of boyfriend Zara jeans, to give that extra half an inch the whole look needed that day. I have also worn it in dressier situations, with a pair of black cigarette pants and my black pumps; needless to mention how many people asked me about it. And I bet they would.

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