Sunday, January 12, 2014

Midi Series

Every season a brand new obsession; this season I've dug deep into midi lengths which I consider ultra flattering for mediterranean bodytypes and hourglass figures. I'd characterize it as the most democratic of fashions, as it allows you to treat yourself that extra bite without getting obsessed over "how am I gonna look from behind" because you know you're gonna look hell-good from the back, no matter what.

The certain Oasap version of a lush midi dress was love at first sight. I am sorry to inform you that it's currently sold out, but I know that they renew their stock quite often so keep a close eye or choose another version from their endless designs. I have really enjoyed this one because it is underwired, its fabric gently hugs the body and it comes in an appropriate length, even for the petite ones like me.

Oh, and something else:
Oasap.Com is currently offering its clients a 20% off by using the code NEW-YEAR
And in Oasap.Com it's sales time all year long.
That is, there's is no reason not to treat yourself that extra dress.

Have fun sweethearts,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sales Time Baby!

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There's no use waiting anymore, as the silver-shopper-lining is already here! Sales and offers are all around, so there are some concise ideas of  what you may need to buy in order to achieve even more looks with the minimum cost.
  1. That's the time to buy an extra pair of running shoes, because a stylish woman will be stylish no matter the context of her appearance. Pick an edgy one.
  2. Ugg boots, the ultimate man repeller is here to stay. They seem to get destroyed easily, but they feel oh-so-good, so why not buy another pair during sales?
  3. A timeless, olive green parka, a piece of outerwear that will accompany you for many years to come. Quality pieces usually come in quite expensive, so take advantage of the time to pick yours.
  4. A nice fitting coat. I guess you already have a black version, so why don't you go for something even more special, like this color-block one? So cute.
  5. A pair of biker boots, just because one can't live without biker boots in winter time.
  6. A pair of leather All Stars because they look classier and dressier than their original canvas version.
  7. A new, quality piece of luggage, like this Delsey one.
  8. A flattering pair of jeans. No matter the season, no matter the fit, your favorite pair will make you look and feel good, no matter your mood.
  9. A new LBD, maybe in a leather version to go with the times. Sexy, versatile and timeless.
  10. A new shirt that is going to be worn with your high-waisted shorts and booties.
Sales are here ladies.
What's your wishlist?


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Choies Goodies

I couldn't be happier to start my new blogging year with a post dedicated to the outfit of the day. January 1st, family table set on time, head dizzy from last night, desperate need for something easygoing but not too slouchy, so here it is; my new favorite, that longline fur waistcoat that allows me endless layering possibilities and my fierce bitchy T-shirt that gave the whole outfit another twist. Choies.Com did its trick once again, with is quality and supreme design. Don't forget to click on the products for more information.

Let it be glamorous, 
have a great year ladies and gentlemen.

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