Monday, December 22, 2014

Lady Luck

I bet each year has its ups and downs, and the perpetual human need to believe that better things are on the way is yet to be overcome. Following the natural course of life one would say that moments, good or bad, should be cherished cause one by one they mold individuals into the people they are supposed to be. Regardless of any deep thought, I bet most of you are in search of christmas presents for your beloved ones, and so am I. Sweaters, gadgets, accessories, that's all amazing, but in those cases that you are not able to come up with a decent idea, a new year lucky charm will always do the job.
Zoulovits  homestore was kind enough to contact me in order to review their beautiful lucky charms, and I couldn't do otherwise, taking into consideration their well-organised and extra stylish online shop, along with the wide range of quality products and services they offer to their clients. Despite the array of superb home products one may come across, the lucky charm sector is here to amaze you as well. Elements of the greek folk tradition paired with up-to-date elements lead to beautiful little thingies that will impress even the most demanding eye. I couldn't help but go for a minimal red and gold pomegranate, standing for luck, fertility and wealth, already hanging on my wall.

While paying a visit to do not forget to click on the Special Lucky Charm of the year, this little golden paper boat. Every single purchase of the certain charm will offer one euro to the Greek SOS villages, and it will be accompanied by a card claiming their good purpose. Stylish, classy and meaningful at the same time, these lucky charms make an amazing stocking stuffer. May this Christmas be as joyful and lush these colors on the charms look, offering you health, wealth and luck.


Raquel said...

These are so nice, I will check out their store :)

Laura C. said...

they are very nice!!!xoxo

N@NY said...

Happy Holidays ,

Stay fabulous sweetie ,,, kisses


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Mira Shpak said...

Such a lovely post!

Christmas inspiration decor -

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

These are awesome, dear!!!

Happy holidays!!


Vikee said...

Happy new year

Love Vikee

Nathaly Juarez said...

These are so adorable! <3

Kind regards,

Victoria Wright said...

That little key charm is so adorable !! I do love little things like this and they make great gifts too !!
Such a nice post =]

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