Sunday, September 14, 2014

Denim Fluff


Bisma Rauf said...

Love your all denim look :)

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Kalina Eneva said...

I love this denim shirts. It's really unique :) Great outfit!

Kisses, Kali
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Amelie said...

Love this denim look. The shirt looks amazing!

Pooja Mittal said...

denim on denim looks so nice
keep in touch

Mira Shpak said...

Nice Sunday mood with your post!

Beauty Follower said...

Cool shirt honey!

laviniah k said...

Love the denim shirt!

Life as a Petite said...

fabulous! love this chic casual look. Btw you have beautiful hair, so jealous haha. I actually did a denim post recently as well, and would love your thoughts :) x
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Ilaria Icardi said...

I really love your shirt :) Thanks for the ilaria

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saralookbook · Theprettythings said...

love the shirt ! :)

Talía Cardeña said...

Love your shirt and your sunnies!

lanciacoriandoli said...

lovely shirt! *_*


Milex said...

Jeanne said...

You look amazing! Great bag too Miss!

Sarah Rizaga said...

Love the denim on denim look and that bag makes the look perfect!

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Ayu Adiras said...

you are sooo pretty. love your wavy hair and chic sunglasses <3

love from Indonesia,
Diras, fashion blogger on

Milu Sosa said...

I love the denim blouse! so chic and fun :) you look amazing in all your pics! I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


Ania said...

Good sense of style!
X, Ania -
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Kelpa Raza said...

Amazing look

Gabrielle said...

You look fabulous - the denim shirt works so well against your lovely long hair! :)
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Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Cute denim on denim look!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Vikee said...

You look absolutely stunning
Fabulous ensemble dear

Love Vikee

Mira Shpak said...

Nice Tuesday morning with your post! said...

I love your necklace.. very sweet!

Anett B said...

You look great! I totally love the color of this shirt!

Bella Pummarola

marilovesgr33n said...

I love total denim outfit and you look beautiful.

Shirley Tay said...

You look fab & I have that same Speedy LV as you! I'm following you now at GFC & would love to have you follow me too :)
Luxury Haven

What Kenny Hearts said...

Great job on this entry! Stunning photos. Have an awesome day!


Beauty Unearthly said...

Your outfit as a whole is gorgeous!!! xx

Layla Sprinkles said...

Ahhh this is such a gorgeous outfit, love the look!!!

Your necklace is beautiful too!! :)

Filakia Polla!

Layla xx

deborah poh said...

Gorgeous casual outfit girl, I love the denim top and those sunnies look fab on you! I must also say that your hair looks amazing!

xx Debbie

Beauty Editer said...

This is very chic! I enjoyed reading this post a lot.


Katie Frank said...

wow, you look so stunning <3 I love the photography :)

Vai Sawaneh said...

Denim is always a good choice!

Jo said...

Are you wearing denim bottoms too? If so, you really did denim on denim proud coz instead of having too much denim, you actually bring out the beauty of your shirt. I like this effortlessly chic and casual style of yours. You look like a celebrity out on the street with that sunglasses of yours too.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing with me your thoughts, Froso. I love seeing newcomers around. Oooh... there are quite a couple of "great post" style of comments though it has significantly decreased just for this post. So I guess there are some people who got it but not all.

Hope to see you around more often!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

Mica T said...

Lovely denim shirt! Nice blue outfit :)

Away From The Blue

Irena D world said...

Hi Gorgeous
I love your blog You have great idea's of styling
Lets follow each other ?
Please let me know I blog about latest trends and lifestyle
Irena D

Sonia De Macedo said...

Denim on denim and a touch of Louis. Oh so much love for this look lovely.


Nee said...

one can never go wrong with a denim shirt :) and you look absolutely amazing in it <3 and how cool is the LV bag!!

lots of love xx

Charlottka said...

Nice...very nice:)

carina bradshaw said...

Love the look!!!

Tanya W. said...

Dinin look with the LV bag is a great combos and you look very chic.

I apologies for a very late replied from being sick, I thought I already replied everyone but I didn't. So I am here today with you:).

Have a wonderful week pretty.

Andrea Ryan said...

Nice look. Love denim on denim. Love your style too. Here is my blog. Let me know if you want to follow each other.

P-and-P said...

Nice outfit. :)
Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know, where (GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter) you are following, and I follow you back. :)

P&P style ❤ ☯ ☮ --- DIY --- fashion --- and more --- ☮ ☯ ❤

Irena D world said...

Hi Gorgeous
I love your blog You have great idea's of styling
Lets follow each other ?
Please let me know I blog about latest trends and lifestyle
Irena D

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