Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Just a word of notice, ladies and gentlemen.

Some days ago I received some mails from Facebook, in my personal mail account, that "I" have "successfully created" a Facebook profile, plus a hundred or more mails claiming that "I" have added tons of strangers as Friends, people who have been commenting under my pictures and chatting with "me" via Inbox messages. I tried to search for the profile, but it was nowhere to be found as the person who created it was "smart" enough to block me. To make a long story short, I found the profile with the help of a good friend of mine and I couldn't believe my eyes with all the insanity happening out there. 

As a blogger who loves personal expression and all that sharing thing Internet offers, I would be silly enough to claim that the photos posted are not meant to be shared. If that happens in the fashion/ personal style circles, that is ok, as this is what the story is supposed to be. But using a person's personal data for impersonating them through the net is a serious crime that has to be punished.

I am not going to talk about the certain person's pathetic existence, because I feel sorry for their lack of personal life. A well-balanced person would never try to violate another person's sanity, neither would they seek ways to bring redundant anxiety to someone's life. It was pretty clear right from the beginning that the certain person has been really close to me, for guessing my email password and blocking all my close friends and family members from Facebook (seriously now, does anyone have so much free time for all that fuss?), and that was the most shocking part. Wanting to hurt someone to satisfy your emotional hunger? Wow. I guess I still have many things to learn from people.

Thanks to my close friends, and all my fellow bloggers' help, the certain profile was removed.

I have contacted the local authorities for legal advice, and they sent me to the Cybercrime Prosecution Departement, to fill a lawsuit for the certain person to be prosecuted legally, where they wanted me to fill in a form for the authorities to begin an investigation, and they told me that it was just a matter of time to get to the owner of the fake profile. As long as the profile has been shortly removed, I decided to let things be like that and let it go. After all, the certain person has probably been someone that I knew (-sadly enough- the suspects' spectrum is quite limited to me) and I seriously cannot stand any other kind of disappointment towards humanity. It may be dumb enough to let it go, as it is quite possible for the whole story to be repeated, but I still have faith that people are not as dumb as they project themselves to be on the net.

In case the certain story is to be repeated, I'll have no second thoughts taking legal action, as the psychological violence that comes by violating one's personality is a crime deserving severe punishment. I have a deep respect for personal freedom, and I believe in forgiveness, and that is something I have to support with my actions. The next time though, I'll not try to protect the other person. I will have to pick me instead.


*Oh, and if it's YOU, I hope your English is decent enough to understand. If not, I can send a translation.*


J. said...

Wow,this is so uncool...I'm glad that you were able to remove the false profile! Great detective work

cassie cadiz said...

It's good that even the poser haven't been tracked yet, you have made immidiate action to get rid of the fake profile. It's indeed alarming for those bloggers that all wanted to do is to express their selves in their own way. And knowing that there might be someone will just snatch your identity and victimized not just yourself but your friends and family too.

Thanks for sharing this post to us dear. This may serve as a warning to strenghten the security of our online personal belongings.

Lots of care,

Janneke said...

That's awful! Good thing the profile has been deleted. You're right, nobody sane would take the time to do all this work. Really awful. Last year it happened with somebody I know and her Facebook profile. So sad. I don't know why anybody would do this.


Rinako Camellia said...

Some people are terrible~ Stay strong! ^_-

Mira Shpak said...

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Froso M. said...

@J: It was no detective work at all dear, the certain person wanted me to know, that is the sad part.

@Cassie: Yes, I know. That is terrible.

Thank you for your kind words ladies!


Joshua Hideki said...

Awesome! You handled it wonderfully! :)


kim claro said...

how rude....it's sad that some people are like that...
it's good that you've taken an immediate action...



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