Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sloggi Wow!

Are you ready or do you push snooze?
Red lipstick or running shoes?
Latte to go or pancakes in  bed?
Do you take the car or the backseat of the bike?
Call a friend or call it a night?
You are free to choose.
Sloggi was established in 1979 with the slogan "The Cotton Revolution".
For over 30 years, Sloggi has meant one thing; comfortable, high-quality briefs with
a very special, comfortable fit. But thanks to the parent company, Triumph, Sloggi has more 
than 125 years of experience in producing bodywear.
Today, 126 Sloggis are produced every minute.
In a year, that makes 3.630 tonnes of Sloggis, and that's the same weight as 11 jumbo jets!
And if you took all the sewing yarn used to make Sloggis up until today,
you could make a line from the earth to the moon. 12 times!
In 2009, Sloggi launched light cotton, a super soft material made from cotton and lycra
using a laser cut technology. The cotton revolution is back! The hunt for even better bodywear continued and by 2011, Sloggi had developed the material "Light Ultra Soft".
This gave women bodywear that made them look outstanding, but was invisible from the outside.
Leading us to 2013, the year Sloggi launches its new pride project, Sloggi Wow!
The invisible bodywear that both looks and feels "WOW" whilst making you feel great. Wow!
Bra: Sloggi Wow! WHPM
Invisible and seamless, made with multi-options to wear. The ultra-sonic technology 
and bonding create a perfect fit. And the innovative
 new cups with super flat edges give a perfect round bust.
Pants: Sloggi Wow! Hipster
 Ultra-sonic technology and bonding provide a perfect fit and allow 
colour contrasts without seams. invisible from the outside. 
Made in a super soft, super light material, great to touch and wear.

The new Sloggi Wow! series is designed to attract a new and younger audience. 
These women are not willing to choose between comfort and looks. 
And why should they?
Thanks to the innovative new ultra-sonic technology and bonding, 
we've been able to develop a new series of bodywear, 
combining the wish for a perfect fit, super comfort and look.

Sloggi Wow! provides young women with a more modern look with colourful details.
 Yet its appearance stays clean thanks to the lack of seams. 
This is Sloggi's first step to an ultimate brand makeover, 
aimed to give femininity back to women themselves. 
Because we are free to be anything.So we don't want to compromise.
 Sloggi Wow! is the ultimate everyday bodywear, because it 
lets you do your thing everyday. 
Feel your freedom.


Mira Shpak said...

Wow, great post!

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So clever of them to re-think the whole 'Sloggi' concept. I'm sure it's going to be a winner, especially if they can get it in somewhere funky like Topshop etc? I shall have to take a closer look! Great to have you as a follower, and really love your blog style....So definitely following you now too! xx

Imogen said...

Amazing. Such fun pictures too.

Rinako Camellia said...

Amazing funny pics! ^^


Helder Pereira Coelho said...

Great post!

Sophie S said...

Hey dear, just like you asked I following you back now. I am sorry for the delay but I was so busy. so excuse me. I also have a new post over there and invite you to come over my blog. xo

Sarah Rizaga said...

Lovely post. Anyways, i followed you now via GFC, i hope you'll do the same.

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Kora said...

I want a latte to go... And take it in bed :)

makeupmirrornme said...

Lovely collection!

Katie Frank said...

oh, these photos are so beautiful & inspiring <3

Ana Atta said...

lovely pictures!!!

Lara Rose said...

Looks great! Very nice blog you have, keep posted!

Lady-Pa said...

i foto einai poly orees

des to teleuteo post mou kai pes mou tin gnomi sou gia tis teleutes agores mou


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog and i love the Sloggi underwear! It always fits me like a second skin and feels really soft. Besides it`s less polluting because it`s very durable.

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