Saturday, November 30, 2013


thanks to Romwomen.Com

When it comes to jewelry, make it bold.
Enjoy a huge variety of incredible pieces in Romwomen.Com.

Have a great weekend you all.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend Mood On

american apparel hoodie, zara boyfriend jeans, converse all stars, ray ban shades

Sleeping. Hanging out with friends. Probably setting up the christmas tree. Sleeping. Eating. Sleeping.

Have an amazing weekend,
love you much.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Steps To Buy A Dress

thanks to Oasap.Com

Step 1: You are casually window-shopping online.
Step 2: You see the dress.
Step 3: Your heart  skips a beat; meanwhile, you're mentally picturing yourself in it.
Step 4: Shit, where is my credit card?
Step 5: No way, I'll keep my money.
Step 6: But look how cute it is.
Step 7: No. Probably it won't fit well.
Step 8: I don't care, I need it in my wardrobe. 
Step 9: *Add to Shopping Bag*
Step 10: *Smiling Face*

PS: That ultra sexy, amazing, impeccable piece is on sale, ladies! 

For more information,
check Oasap.Com

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Body-licious by Choies

Sequined Body thanks to Choies.Com
Throughout the last few years, I don't use to buy as many evening clothes as I did in the past. Maybe that's because I don't go out quite as often, or because of my tendency to mix and match everyday pieces with sparkly ones, with the exception of major events and festive nights, when coming out of the closet is the norm. Lately, I've ordered that amazing body from Choies.Com, which will definitely look divine with wide leg pants or long black skirts, even with a posh midi skirt. I received it yesterday, and I guess I already know what I am gonna wear on Saturday night. Unfortunately the certain body went so viral, that it is already out of stock; and I would never guess otherwise.

For more evening tops and bodies
visit Choies.Com

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dune Boots

 only long cardigan, hm tee, vero moda leather shorts, dune boots
I never go for the right shoe. I mean, I am seriously incapable of picking up the right size, the correct fit or the proper comfort factor. I am a size 38.5, and that is a curse, as 38 is usually too tight but 39 is obviously too big. I also have pumps and sneakers sized 37.5 and boots numbered as 39. That is to say, every time I have an online shoe crush I have to guess the right size, although I know I will probably return it the following day (Spartoo.Gr thank you for the Free Returns service). But this time, something magical happened; I saw these amazing biker boots, I was ready to order a 39 but something stopped me, making me buy my regular 38. Some days later, here they were, fitting perfectly, made of exquisite soft leather, wide enough to look cool, a pair made in heaven. It's been a week that I'm going against the spring-like Greek weather, and I keep on matching these beauties with all my everyday looks. For more Dune pairs just check out Spartoo.Gr.

Big Kiss.

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