Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The List

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Here I am, completely inspired from all these brown leaves, with another amazing set of my weekly style propositions via Spartoo.Gr. Let me give you some ideas concerning the newest fall basics that will be there for you irrespective of the everchanging trends. 
Have you made your new-season lists?

PS: Outfit post is on the way! xxx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

But Baby It's Cold Outside

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School season is officially on. September always evokes memories from the times I was a student as well. It was my favorite part of the school year, because it marked a rebirth; new books, new stationery, new teachers, new people, new goals and fresh starts. Back then, when everybody continued to grow in height, size and weight, the new season was always accompanied with the purchase of a brand new down jacket and -of course- a new pair of trainers for our PE class. Years have passed, and the only good thing is that we can accumulate our loved clothes, keep the ones we love and toss those that don't fit anymore. The need for wardrobe rejuvenation is still intact though, and September is the perfect month to clean up the mess, get rid of all these summery floral dresses and make a list of your new must-haves. And what's a better way to welcome the new season than buying a new but timeless piece of outerwear?
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What I consider the absolute basics, concerning color, would be black, grey, olive green, navy blue and red. The color and consistency of the piece you'll choose will greatly depend on the part of the world you live in; e.g, you can choose a lighter piece if you only have to face the mild Greek winter, when cold lasts about 2 or 3 months, but you'll definitely need to buy a thicker piece if you live in Sweden or Norway, where cold is the norm throughout the year. As far as the color is concerned, if you already own a basic black or grey down jacket, I'd say that a red piece will absolutely make you stand out from the rest. No matter your personal tastes or needs, Spartoo.Gr is just a click away for you to browse between endless choices for the upcoming winter.

Enjoy the first storms!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Choies Skirt

Asos shades, Only shirt, CHOIES skirt, Claudia Mare wedges
I'm gonna talk about that feeling of making the right choice. It may be for something trivial, as buying an airy, neutral skirt, that has proved to be even more versatile in reality than you thought it would be; it can be worn with a beaded top, giving you that princess fling, or with a jean shirt for a more Ralph Lauren feeling, not to forget the combination with a wild perfecto for some grunge air. Making the right choice may also have to do with more major things like choosing the perfect career path; the job that will make you feel like you're not working, that will fill you up with creativity, inspiration and the joy of collaboration. And what about choosing the perfect partner? The one that will support you through hard times, make you laugh your heart out, be a stone of strength whenever you're dying out of angst, or you name it. Well, right choices always make people feel complete, but in the aftermath the wrong ones are a prerequisite to lighten them up.

And it all started with a skirt.

Have fun shopping at Choies.Com


Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Findings

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As winter is looming, new necessities are daily born in girly heads; "Maybe I need a new pair of boots" or "A new piece of outerwear would be nice" are some familiar phrases you may relate yourself to. Stylish Plus is a Korean online shop that offers its customers the chance to buy amazing pieces in really low prices. After being contacted by their ultra kind crew I took a look and loved that stars shirt, that I mentally combined with my Seven jeans and my beloved leopard pumps, and the studded biker jacket featured above, which would look amazing with anything, because it is a studded jacket! Not to forego the temptation to mumble some words about that chic hooded trench -an absolute autumn essential- that looks so different from the rest, or that warm overcoat with that amazing fur lining that will keep you warm no matter the cold. All these with no shipping costs and the best of customer service. You can easily take a look at the products featured, their availability in stock, sizes, colors and price in the following links:
Take care,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So Common, So Unique

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There couldn't be a single person on earth who doesn't love jeans. Tight or not, bootleg or straight, no matter the colour, jeans are always there for you in any kind of good or bad day. Lately I've been pondering on their pros and cons, and after some serious girl talk, I came up with the following verdict:

1. You can wear these in a plethora of style occassions, in endless combinations; they look equally great with plaid shirts, music T-shirts, sweaters and tuxedos.
2. If you happen to come across a pair with the perfect fit, your butt body can look ten times better than it really is.
3. Four pairs can constitute your wardrobe's spine for many years to come; that is, a light blue, a darker blue, a grey and a black one in any preferable style will be there for you no matter the trends.
4. The season is of no matter. They can be worn either in summer or winter and look good anyway.

1. You need many hours -and by many I mean A LOT- to search for the perfect pair or brand that will flatter your body type, especially if you have that sexy Mediterranean figure.
2. When freshly washed, it is pure torture trying to tuck yourself in those extra slim pairs, that seem like they've lost a size in the washing machine. Wear yours and be sure you breathe normally in the following two hours!
3. A nice pair is usually expensive (but worth every penny, truth be told).
4. If they don't fit welljeans can make a frog out of a princess with the minimum effort.

What is your preferable jeans brand?
Come on, share the light.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh, God.

hm tee, zara pants, wayfarer shades, converese shoes, michael kors watch
There are some days that life is good; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, people are smiling, lady luck is on your side, your skin glows, your clothes fit, your hair looks shiny, you know what to wear every time you need to go out in a hurry, you exploit your free time to the fullest, you get everything done without even knowing it, you wake up with a smile on your face, you sleep peacefully, you feel thinner/ smarter/ radiant, no one can intrude your pink world etc.

Well, this is NOT a day like that.
But still.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spartoo Bonus Points Gift

Online shopping becomes more and more popular with the pass of time. Hundreds of online spending heavens are here everyday to tempt you into shopping your heart out, with low prices and valuable discount codes ( sales all year long, that's what I love about shopping online) but which shop offers you the chance to accumulate points, that equal money, that give you the chance to buy that extra pair of coveted shoes for free? Well, that's how I got my present, another member in my -already extended- Converse family. A brand new navy pair of Chucks for something like 5000 points! But let me explain how this works in a few simple steps:
Step 1: You shop (obviously).
Step 2: For every euro you spent you gain 2 points.Each point equals 1 cent. For example, an average pair of shoes gives you between 200-250 points, that is almost 2 or 3 euros. 
Step 3: You can shop as many times as you wish; try shopping for friends or other members of your family from your account, in order to accumulate the desirable number of points.
Step 4: When you get a satisfying number of points you can use your points as cash by verifying them. Soon enough, Spartoo.Gr will email you with a coupon code you can use whenever you want.

During the past year I've bought all my everyday shoes online, plus some presents for my friends and family. What is more, many of my friends were jealous enough of my limited edition choices, giving me some credit in order to place an order for them as well. So, here there were, 5000 points, a 50 euro bill that is, to spend as I wanted to. Yeap, receiving a beutiful gift always feels nice!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn Wishlist by ROMWE

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Romwe.Com is here to welcome September. From today, until September 9th you can discover all the new styles, right on time before the temperature cools down. Plus, they are offering 5%-30% on these autumn-inspired looks during the certain period, meanwhile you can enjoy an extra 10% off orders over $50 by following this link. Start reinventing your wardrobe now!

For more details check

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cuteness Overload

heart sweater thanks to, wayfarer shades, hm neon pink bra & hair elastic
Well, strange things happen and lately I find myself so much into girly details, like bows and hearts (oh, my) like this super cute sweater that was sent to me by Oasap.Com. Also available in green.

You can find my sweater HERE
Or choose your own between ENDLESS DESIGNS

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