Friday, March 29, 2013

Rainbow Pairs

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There is a Kyle Andrews's song named "You Always Make Me Smile", which used to be my alarm clock tune, and is never missing from my Ipod playlist. At some point, the singer mentions ♪ ♫ I like that rainbow pair of gym shoes that you wear ♪ ♫ and whenever I come across an excitingly colorful pair of trainers, I smile, thinking about the lyrics, as they describe all these little things that may brighten up our lives. I spend many hours in trainers and I really like them to be vividly colored as -in that way- I feel like a 5-year-old again, ready to go up and down the city roads, casual but stylish as hell. Spartoo.Gr hosts a plethora of choices in the greatest range of colors and designs. The difficult part is choosing between all these beauties, that never seem to be enough (my passion for sky-high pumps is equal to my love for sports shoes), posing the question "To pink, or not to pink?".

Brighten up your moments,

Saturday, March 23, 2013


ray ban shades, suede jacket from sweden, vila sweater, gina tricot necklace, nike skyline shoes (not shown)
Lately, I've been thinking about that blogging thing, especially whether or not someone like me has the right to be called a "fashion blogger" -God, what a silly title-. Whereas my friends like what I do and how I do it (they really love me, I guess) I never called myself like that, as I would consider it a blasphemy towards real fashion bloggers like Chiara, Andy, Rumi and the rest of the gang. I believe that true fashion blogging is a full time job, requiring time dedication and some good financial backing. Blogging came in my life through a peculiar phase, and as  a Gemini I loved it and got sick of it many times until now. Nonetheless, it still is a way to get away from my everyday routine and I really believe that catwalks are good but, if you are a working girl out in the big world, it's how you translate those catwalks into your everyday life that counts. In that way, I would like to thank you for your support (I mean your clicks) and all these personal messages, despite my scarce presence. All these single hits continue to feed my vanity, and I promise that I will make all these projects running through my head come true, gradually or in a few months time. Thanks for being there anyway, it means the world.

The sun is shining. 
I hope the same happens with your eyes.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We all have obsessions; we may be obsessesed with things, people or states of mind. For the time being let me stick to the "things" factor and talk about my love for lipbalms, expensive purses, cheap T-shirts, Converse All Stars and leather jackets. I currently own 3 suede ones in bold colors (teal, purple, magenta pink), a frilled beige one, a cropped studded one, 2 black basics, a grey one, a red and a simple brown and a brown sheepskin one. My collection consists of another 4-5 pieces that I am really ashamed of wearing in public, as I used to wear those throughout my teenage years (key word: s-n-a-k-e-s-k-i-n, for the love of God). And I always fall in love with a new one.

Despite its famous shoe collection, Spartoo.Gr has enriched its range with a nice selection of clothes/ accessories that will surely attract your eye. The first thing for me to notice was this Oakwood biker jacket in cherry or tobacco shade, that will surely look perfect day or night, with casual or formal outfits. Much as I love versatility in clothes, I am thinking of widening my collection a bit more by adding one of these beauties. Splurging, yes, but who can underestimate the value of a quality piece of leather? 

Take care,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Tips, Bits and Pieces.

I would like to start my post by saying that I am an avid supporter of drugstore products, especially concerning skincare, as they usually offer what they promise, keeping the correct ratio of value and money. Yesterday was a visit to my nearby drugstore, to stock up on my monthly necesssities;
  • Roc Skincare products are one of my favorite choices concerning face creams. Hydra+ is one of the most effective moisturisers I have ever used, along with the LancĂ´me Neurocalm series (what a divine smell) and the Dior Capture Xp (great consistency, amazing smell, ouchy price). Roc's cleansing mousse will surely be my one of my new favorites as it really works on those days that my skin suddenly breaks out.
  • As much as I am not what someone would call a Vichy fan, as their products do not seem to work on me, this body cream is a total wonder, as it deeply nourishes your skin without that greasy result body butters usually have.  This is a travel size, gift from my pharmacist, that I am going to use on my travels, as I already have the 400ml vase in my bathroom drawers. Oh, and did I mention that it smells n-e-c-t-a-r-i-n-e? Awesome.
  • Now, two little beauty secrets from my friend's mum (mums all over the world seem to have the answer for everything, don't they?) that I certainly have to share with my beloved followers; Abrador soap which is an exfoliating bar of soap, that brings out those infuriating ingrowing hair that make your life difficult during leg waxing. Plus, it seems to help with cellulite too, but you have to use it moderately because it's really strong and not so appropriate for extra sensitive skin.
  • Castor Oil. Every girl that has extra long hair like me, knows the importance of a nice, luxurious hair treatment. So, 2 times per month I heat 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil (just a little, only for the vitamins to start working) and massage my scalp/ hair roots until the whole surface is covered. After that do your hair up, in a bun (because they look quite greasy) and wait for an hour or so. Wash your hair as usual, and you'll not believe your eyes. Plus, it does wonders concerning your eyelashes. Just clean an old mascara wand and 2-3 times per week soak it in the oil, take the extra quantity off the bristles and apply to your eyelashes. Oh, and thank me later.
  • My long term relationship with The Body Shop still works wonders. I am really into body butters as you may have understood, and I never run out of stock from my Strawberry Body Butter. I even like the never ending sense of hydration it gives to my extra dry skin, combined with that intense scent that drives me crazy. My new love is the Peach one, it just seems too springy and I've decided to keep it for April.
  • Spa Wisdom Polynesia Oil is the best dry oil you could ever find, not to mention its divine smell. I got carried away once, buying the Hei Poa Tiare dry oil -everyone claimed it was great- and I was really disgusted by it, as its smell was simply irritating. That one looks great on summer skin, without the tacky-stripper effect of Baby Oil.
  • I love raspberries, but I'm not really sure whether this one smells like a raspberry or not. Haven't tried it yet, I'm just sharing.
 Have a great Saturday night lovelies!
Big kiss,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Winter Purchases (I swear)

I've been talking about the winter sales for such a long time, that it would be impossible not to take advantage of the amazing offers and grab a thing or two. It was the first time that I didn't have the chance for a proper, tiring and long-hour shopping raid, but -no matter my disappointment- I decided to have an on-line shopping spree and find some time to shop during next month. As I've already said, during sales you can find amazing stuff to stock up for the followng season; what is more, you can buy some presents for your loved ones, because you are not the only one who needs to be pampered. I think that buying things for my closest of people makes me feel much happier than buying things for me (well, that works as well), because I love that face of excitement someone gets when they open a present they like. And -believe me- one of my talents is this; picking the most amazing of presents. Speaking of talents, I may consider it as a future career sometime, who knows?
The huge box that arrived, only 5 days after placing my order, contained an amazing pair of Nike Skylines for my beautiful sister who is reeeeeeally jealous of my pink-grey Skylines bought three years ago. Usually she doesn't even pay attention to my blog, or read what I write, so I hope that I will not spoil the surprise by featuring a picture of these, as her present needs some time to be shipped to Sweden, where she lives. Secondly, Converse  is almost never absent of my Spartoo orders (addictions are addictions after all), and how could it be now that I found an amazing pair of leather Chucks, bought for my most beloved man of all time, my dad? I'm sure he'll look really cool wearing his checked shirt, jeans and All-Stars. See, he has never been that classic dad figure, dressed up to the nines. He seems to suffocate in suits during formal occassions, and I love it that he's young at heart (well, in that point you should see my mum, she never seems to get older too). And one last pair of extra classic black leather pair of Ox All-Stars for my bestie who's having her graduation day next month. I guess it's my turn now, spring collections, here I come!

Kiss and Hug,
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