Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

It's official. Today, on my way to the gym, I saw the very first blossoming almond tree. March, how you doin'?
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Well, well ladies; First of all, my life is so hectic, and I am sincerely sorry for the long-long-long absence of personal or style posts, but I am probably working 12h per day and I see no light in the horizon for the next 4 months to come. In that point I would like to thank 1. my Moleskine diary for being a true friend, keeping me in order and 2. the Internet, 'cause -as long as I can't enjoy a proper shopping spree- shopping online is here to stay. 

So -excuse my parenthesis- what about brainstorming some ideas about our SS13 purchases? I know it's the perfect time to shop for great winter deals, but look at them, how lovely they look, contrasting the -still gloomy- February weather. These are some of the essential pieces for your new shoe-closet:
  1. A pair of extra-high heels, no matter if they are some kind of divine wedges like these Marc by Marc Jacobs  ones, or a color block pair like these chunky but chic Schutz beauties. Not to mention that extra walkable 14cm Guess pair or that Barbie like Charles Jourdan  (doesn't it remind you the hot pink Louis Vuitton ones Samantha Jones wore on SATC the movie?).
  2. A new, girly, limited edition pair of Converse All Starsbecause old habits die hard and they always look good in informal occassions.
  3. Who says that gym shoes have to be boring? Replace your grey pairs with breezy and ultra colorful Reebok pairs, and I bet you'll find the motivation to run that extra mile on the treadmill.
  4. A new pair of ballet flats, and when I say ballet flats I strictly mean a Pretty Ballerinas pair. They are durable, they come in a great range of colors, and their price is really reasonable for their quality.
  5. A pair of Havaianas. There's no reason for that, one simply always needs a new pair of Havaianas. Especially when that person has already bought two magnificent bikinis in the middle of January (ooooops, that's me).   
Enjoy the beginning of the new season,
no matter the sweaters.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ballerinas Mean Spring

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I have no right to nag about winter, because I am a Greek girl living in Greece, and Greek winters are far from what one could describe as cold or even chilly. It's not that I'm not wearing my beautiful flats during the winter, but they look even better during springtime. Ballerinas have been my favorite kind of flat shoe, ever since I was a little girl; that's because they were the closest alternative I had to my mum's pumps, and I could go as sparkly as I wanted to, without looking odd. Ballerina flats look great on girls of every age (for me, even old ladies stay girls at heart), because their bows, rhinestones, cute details or whatever, make female feet look even more beautiful than they really are. Personally speaking, I find these so comfortably chic, especially when I need to get dressed up to the nines, but I don't have the inner strength to slip in my stilletos for the next 8 hours to be. When chosen wisely (in respect to the shape of your feet, that it) these flat beauties will bring out your inner Parisian gal. If you're missing a powder pink pair, go get one, as I consider it as the most useful of neutrals, more beautiful than that dull beige. And if you already own a neutral pair, certainly go for a two-toned one, or a bold-coloured pair.

I'm certainly getting a two-toned one this season.
Pamper your feet.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New In for Him

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Oh, men... Those lovable creatures that may be your dad, your brother, your cousin, your best friend or your boyfriend. These mysterious ones, that hate shopping (God, we seriously are from different planets, aren't we?) but love gadgets and computer screens. Now, here comes the math: boredom+shopping+Internet= Online Shopping. Simple as that. They do not seem to like taking risks by shopping online, but as long as they get used to it, they never seem to change the habit. Well, in my life I've always had to do with men, as my best friends were of male gender as a rule, so I have been given hundreds of euros per season to shop for something they happened to need. Plus, it always feels great being recognized as their top personal shopper, stylist, older sister, troubleshooter after all! Ever since, when in doubt, I just get my laptop and have them to choose online their items of preference. As long as they normally have a certain shoe size, they can choose between thousands of pairs for their Spring footwear essentials. My friends seem to love Spartoo.Gr, as it contains the most desired brands, something that has been quite of a useful tool for me as well, as I can limit my search in categories, like trainers, boots, casual ones, according the brand, the colour or even the size.

Give a helping hand to your lovable men.
Big kiss,
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