Saturday, October 26, 2013


only skirt and shirt, nine west pumps, ray ban shades
Absolute bullet-point randomness:
  • Not having seen my mum for a year, as she lives in Sweden, it's amazing how much I've missed having an equally lunatic person in da house. We drink coffee together, we do manicures, she takes care of my clothes, she prepares my meals, we share wine bottles, oh the little joys.
  • Theres a lot of food inside here. I mean A LOT. Mum-made food and tons of my beloved Swedish candy. I'm turning into round shape. I hope you'll never notice.
  • I have to start working out again. I've already said "next week" for 5 weeks in a row. And I see no silver lining in the horizon. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I guess it's because of that strict carbohydrate regime.
  • My hibertated shopping spree is wide awake again. Asos, Franklin, Spartoo, sponsorships and presents from companies. I greet my mailman with a high five after all that online fashion orgy.
  • I own dozens of plaid shirts, but I never have enough. The same thing happens with stripes in spring time. Hopeless case.
  • I am seriously thinking of changing my hair. This is my natural shade, which has started turning darker with the pass of time; I have never dyed them, burnt them, tortured them but I am in a desperate need for a change. I don't use to overthink concerning my appearance, but for me, hair is a very serious thing. Plus, my hair stylist is a men's hairstylist, with no coloring experience, and I cannot easily trust my hair to anybody else. First world problems, I know.
Have a lovely weekend!


sandy sandhu said...

I love this shirt and skirt. Will you like to follow each other on GFC, FB or Twitter? Love
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Gigi.T said...

great outfit!!
xoxo ♥

Pip said...

I love this outfit, as red and black plaid is my favorite and the high waist skirt is such a nice girly balance!

xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)


Marina Ghirga said...

Ho anche io questa shirt! Kiss

Natasya K Dharani said...

♥ Nice outfit -

Olie said...

Absolutely perfect outfit!
Love your skirt! :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog.
Keep in touch!

xo xo

Dream and Style Splash said...

Very fashionable plaid shirt!!! :)

Krisha Sia said...

You look stunning, dear! love love love your look.

Love, Manila-Hongkie Girl

naomi said...

omg, i love this outfit so much
and i love your hair!

Launna said...

This outfit looks adorable on you, I love the high waist skirt :)

As for coloring, I have to color now because of my age but I always get it done professionally... as I sometimes did it on my own and it never turned out very nice :)

Tesa Jurjaševič said...

lovely look dear :)

Nicky mywishstyle said...

love tartan !
ciao ciao

Fashionable Rose said...

you look amazing don't worry about eating a lot! enjoy your mom's food!
i love your skirt! you look so beautiful kisses xx

Milex said...


MarieAntoinette said...

Thank you darling for a nice comment!
I have a new post now, check it if you like!
Visit my blog ♥
And instagram ♥

Yudani Pousada said...

Great outfit!


Candycane said...

Love the red shirt - you have fabololous hair :)

CC xx

Sonya Thaniya said...

your style so cool!! love the pict ;)

True said...

You look great!!! x

Jéssica Coelho said...


Beijos Jéssica R. Coelho BLOG

Birdie Liau said...

Love your skirt it's so pretty and unique (: x

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Nice to know something about you.
I love the look!
new follower here, I'll be gladly if we can follow each other. xo
About women and not only Blog

Flor Garcia said...

Love this look!!! Would you like to follow each other?


A Possible Fantasy said...

cute and trendy! love the skirt!

a possible fantasy

Krizia said...

Cute look!

x Krizia

Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

Bárbara Marques said...

Such a cool look and yet so lady-like, at the same time!
I love it :)

two birds said...

i love this outfit on you! you are right, you can never have too many plaid shirts! and i love your hair...if it looks that great naturally, you shoudln't change it!

Marissa D said...

koukla froso! polu omorfh fousta btw !

Zebra ❤ said...

It's nice here with you ~! :)
If you just want to watch me
And I'll watch you

Alabastrowa Panna said...

you have a beautiful hair <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So stunning. Love your hair :) xx

Nava said...



Michelle Verpuggi said...

amazing babe! shall we fan each other?

Frock and Kohl said...

Hi just a little note to say I've moved from blogger to wordpress and as you were one of my followers I'd really appreciate it if you follow my new blog!
Many thanks in advance!! X

Lima Ché said...

Hi Beauty
Thanks for your comment!
Aw you look so beautiful! That skirt is just amazing! I also love tartan blouse so much!
I follow you with pleasure, follower 186 that's me on bloglovin! Follow me back would be awesome!
Maybe we can also like each other Fb page?
Let me know dear xoxo

Katie Frank said...

wow you look fantastic <3 i really like this outfit, every detail, everything about it! <3 wow !
+ i just followed you.
You have amazing & unique style :)

Marzia Di Rosa said...

I love this blog and you are very fashion!!I follow you on bloglovin and i'm your follower!!


Ask Erena said...

Fabulous skirt!
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Erzsebeth said...

I love how look skirt and shirt together <3
Amazing look as always


Who is Mocca? said...

Hui, tolles Outfit du Hübsche! Gefällt mir sehr, weiter so :)

Vielleicht hast du ja noch nicht mitgemacht:
Hast du schon die neue Rubrik auf meinem Blog gesehen?
Bei "show your style" geht es um uns Fashionblogger und vor allem um deine tollen Outfits! Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mitmachen würdest! Du kannst auch mit einem bereits veröffentlichten Post mitmachen!

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

his little lady said...

Loving this graffiti wall, and outfit! You are rockin' it girl! And I definitely own one too many plaid shirts, but I love them all :)
xo TJ

lizzie said...

Such a perfect outfit post and I love the way you write too! New fan :)


Carmen Gomez-Molina said...

On behalf of the power that has been given to me as a nosy reader... I ban you from doing anything to your hair! You have such a gorgeous mane going on, it looks healthy from miles away! Honestly, not dying your hair, along with staying away from flat irons or curlers, and blow-driers if possible, is the best you can do for your hair. But of course, I say this from the perspective of someone who has already experienced hair colour changes a couple of time during her teens and has come to the conclusion that naturality is the best... sometimes others' advices can help, but the only way to really find out is to let go and experience yourself.

Lovely outfit as well, you can never have enough plaid! xxxx
La vie en low-cost

Anusha Outfitter said...

cute look, enjoy!


Evα ♡ said...

Very nice photos !

Anita Lolonga said...

Love this outfit very much.
Cute and edgy!

IslandHipster said...

Great outfit and thanks for your sweet compliment on my blog. I can relate to you missing your mom, my mom lives in Brooklyn and I miss her so much.

Petra said...

Pretty outfit. Love these shirt. You looking amazing.
Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog. I just look around yours and I like it. I'm your new reader and follower.
Wish you a great day.
xo, Petra

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