Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Ins

My evergrowing Converse family acquired a brand new member (these babies deserve a post on their own), and I couldn't be happier about it. White is my all time favorite color concerning trainers, and I already own the classic white canvas pair, but it seems to get so dirty that it needs to be washed every two months, and it eventually turns yellow. That's why the leather white version is here to stay, making my life somehow easier. Plus, you can wear your white Chucks in winter as well, without looking out of the season. These are my latest purchases from Spartoo.Gr, my beloved online fashion destination.
As I told you in a previous post, the beginning of each new season is the perfect chance to ponder on your new needs and buy some brand new, easily-combined basics. Plaid shirts have been my thing for many of the latest seasons, and this one will not be the exception. I usually buy their men's version, and I enjoy wearing those with jeans and leggings, layered with cosy sweaters or not, with bold necklaces or plain white tank tops. Nothing groundbreaking, but one needs to be inventive in the everyday style arena to survive the eternal torture of "What am I wearing today?".

What was your latest purchase?


Marina Ghirga said...

Love it!

Gabriella Wolf said...

Hello dear,
would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

Best wishes,

Launna said...

My newest purchases were pants that would fit me after losing so much weight and a couple of really cute tops... mainly my pink Nike Airs that I love so much

Lena said...

αχ αυτά τα all star! Έρωτας για μια ζωή!
Υπέροχο το Blog σου!Σε παρακολουθώ αρκετό καιρό και το λατρεύω πραγματικα!!
Θα ήθελες να ρίξεις μία ματιά στο blog μου και αν σ’αρεσει ν’ ακολουθήσουμε η μία την άλλη;
Τύπου…Ελληνιδες Bloggers ενωθείτε!!
Xxx Lena!

Froso M. said...

Just visited your blogs,
thanks for your kind words!


ThroughBlue cupEyes said...

weeell, ! Do you want to follow each other?

xoxo Lena

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