Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spartoo Bonus Points Gift

Online shopping becomes more and more popular with the pass of time. Hundreds of online spending heavens are here everyday to tempt you into shopping your heart out, with low prices and valuable discount codes ( sales all year long, that's what I love about shopping online) but which shop offers you the chance to accumulate points, that equal money, that give you the chance to buy that extra pair of coveted shoes for free? Well, that's how I got my present, another member in my -already extended- Converse family. A brand new navy pair of Chucks for something like 5000 points! But let me explain how this works in a few simple steps:
Step 1: You shop (obviously).
Step 2: For every euro you spent you gain 2 points.Each point equals 1 cent. For example, an average pair of shoes gives you between 200-250 points, that is almost 2 or 3 euros. 
Step 3: You can shop as many times as you wish; try shopping for friends or other members of your family from your account, in order to accumulate the desirable number of points.
Step 4: When you get a satisfying number of points you can use your points as cash by verifying them. Soon enough, Spartoo.Gr will email you with a coupon code you can use whenever you want.

During the past year I've bought all my everyday shoes online, plus some presents for my friends and family. What is more, many of my friends were jealous enough of my limited edition choices, giving me some credit in order to place an order for them as well. So, here there were, 5000 points, a 50 euro bill that is, to spend as I wanted to. Yeap, receiving a beutiful gift always feels nice!



La Dolce Moda said...

Great post!
You have such a great blog! I love it :)
your reader from La Dolce Moda

Launna said...

I used to love collecting points and getting things for free... I need to learn how to love that again:)

Sherlaine Sayo said...

i also love coveting items for free. especially using points! <3

.never settle for less.

Eve G said...

Τα λατρεύω!

Isa said...

Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response <3

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chiCATes said...

Super!!! Μπράβο τέλεια αγορά και αφού ήταν και από πόντους ακόμα καλύτερα !!!

Samantha Scarlett Phoenix said...

Yes, if there's a way to collect/earn points, you really have to take advantage of it.

Best Regards

The Art Of Everyday | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram

MaRy Michaela said...

Nice post doll! I love all stars!!Neww follower......

Teffy Perk said...

That is amazing! Love your high-tops, especially since you got them with points!

Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


annick tamoto said...

online shopping is definitely addictive


Bernadette Czle said...

so cool, love! xx

Bisma Rauf said...

Pretty :)

New Post Up:http://beauty-fulll.blogspot.com/2013/09/new-boots-available-at-choies-for-fall.html

Veselina said...

Oh,you lucky girl!I dream for Converse!Wear them with joy and happiness,dear!
Have a lovely night :)
xoxo Vesi from

Danielle said...

that's awesome, can't go wrong with converse!

xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

Tijana Momcilovic said...



Melanie C. said...

I love your look with the casual outfit! Great hair too!
Have a nice weekend!


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