Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So Common, So Unique

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There couldn't be a single person on earth who doesn't love jeans. Tight or not, bootleg or straight, no matter the colour, jeans are always there for you in any kind of good or bad day. Lately I've been pondering on their pros and cons, and after some serious girl talk, I came up with the following verdict:

1. You can wear these in a plethora of style occassions, in endless combinations; they look equally great with plaid shirts, music T-shirts, sweaters and tuxedos.
2. If you happen to come across a pair with the perfect fit, your butt body can look ten times better than it really is.
3. Four pairs can constitute your wardrobe's spine for many years to come; that is, a light blue, a darker blue, a grey and a black one in any preferable style will be there for you no matter the trends.
4. The season is of no matter. They can be worn either in summer or winter and look good anyway.

1. You need many hours -and by many I mean A LOT- to search for the perfect pair or brand that will flatter your body type, especially if you have that sexy Mediterranean figure.
2. When freshly washed, it is pure torture trying to tuck yourself in those extra slim pairs, that seem like they've lost a size in the washing machine. Wear yours and be sure you breathe normally in the following two hours!
3. A nice pair is usually expensive (but worth every penny, truth be told).
4. If they don't fit welljeans can make a frog out of a princess with the minimum effort.

What is your preferable jeans brand?
Come on, share the light.


Tiffany said...

i have a pair of completely black levis skinny jeans that i wear even to work at the museum. i love how they are the perfect balance between casual and professional.

Launna said...

I don't have a preferable brand but I have that Mediterranean body with the big booty... I love my jeans to be a dark wash with a bit of a flare to balance out the hips :)

Claire D. T said...

Όσα και αν έχουμε ποτέ δεν είναι αρκετά έχω να δηλώσω εγώ :D
Τα περισσότερα που έχω είναι είτε από την Pink Woman είτε από τα Pull & Bear!! Δεν με έχει βολέψει καμιά άλλη εταιρία..

styleinlove said...

love diesel!


Veronica Vannini said...

I love diesel and levis jeans! Great post!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Φανή Παπ., Ζωγράφος said...

Great blog!!! I am following you now Froso!!! Would you follow me back?? http://fanypap.blogspot.gr/ kisses.

Suvarna Gold said...

hey thx for the comment my dear


Maria Wasiak said...

Hi Pretty! :) Really nice blog ;) My favourite jeans brand? Hmm.. I think, Levis and Lee, but I also wear H&M and Bershka ;)

Kisses and hugs,
Marentora :)

Trending Game said...

Diesel and Pepe Jeans are the best for me, although almost all my jeans are from Zara.

Thanks for your comment, love your blog too! Why don't we follow each other?

Irene Gm.
Trending Game / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Chicisimo

Evi said...

Great post!! I love Diesel and Levis! Thank you for stopping by!

Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Evi xoxo

mavi e basta said...

i like the first diesel!!!!cute!!!
thanks for the comment on my little blog!!!
follow each other???
i follow you first on GFC!!!


Petush said...

i don't really have a favorite jeans brand, but I think American Eagle has some great choice on jeans :)


Kelly Jaspers said...

hi Nirvana,
like you're blog and you don't have to look like adriana because you're looking great!!
shall we follow?
greetings from Holland

Tanja J. said...

thank you for your kind comment, I love it, when people like my photos ♥
I like all the jeans, they are great !


Marina Ghirga said...





Pril del Rosario said...



Katherine Unique said...

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LoveT. said...

Great Post!

Happy Weekend ,kisses

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