Friday, August 9, 2013

Locked Out of Heaven (p. 2)

Sarakiniko Beach, Take 2. Waiting for the diver to come out.

If you ever happen to visit Milos, never miss to visit Aggeliki. Her extraordinary desserts, her homemade ice-cream, my sweet tooth and her sweet smile are the reason I'm still going through my fat days. I would kill for that huge devilish milk chocolate fondue once again, though.
Tsigrado Beach. Probably, the m-o-s-t beautiful beach I've ever been in my whole life. Descending there may be a pain in the ass, as you have to use ropes in order to climb down a steep rocky hill, but in the end you come across a paradise shore with romantic caves and clear Carribean-like sea that was definitely worth the torture .
My "life is good" face. No make up, no worries, no hairstyling. Sometimes, all you need is lie down on the earth, just to feel like the way you were supposed to feel; a dot in the universe.
Provatas Beach, one of the few family friendly ones. Playing with the shadows under the brightest sun.
People do not need things in order to feel happy. We need to share experiences with our beloved ones.
Big or small, just like gazing at the endless blue.
Kipos Beach, once again. Its wild beauty is not supposed to seduce tourists, but I enjoyed taking a look at the crystal clear waters all alone, embracing my antisocial ego. Just for a little while.
Tsigrado Beach, again. I hope you catch a slight glimpse of what I may refer to as paradise.
At least, a 5% of it.
Pollonia. A deeply picturesque village on the northeast tip of the island where you can enjoy a pink sunset, amazing wines and tasty food. I mean tasty, t-a-s-t-y food. Compared to the heart of the island (Adamantas) and the old capital (Plaka), Pollonia is probably the place with the most amazing restaurants to wine and dine. Keep that in mind.

And this is how I'm going to end my holiday diary, which is probably incomplete. I mean, I prefer to keep things personal, as it didn't have to do with fashion, it had to do with my deeply rooted need for some peace of mind. Still, no matter which part of the world you may come from, I'm here to put my signature to the fact that Greece is the most amazing destination for summer holidays. You may be somewhere nice at the moment enjoying the sun, or you may be staying in your burning city like I do, no matter the circumstances enjoy life with its little joys. If things are good, they are not going to be good forever. If things are bad, they are not going to be bad forever, either.

Homemade mojitos in the balcony everyone!


Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

Such gorgeous pics as always!! U look stunning! Do I have to mention it??? ;)

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That really is a beautiful beach!

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i wish to be on vacation too

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Fabulous Petite said...

wow that is such a beautiful place. I wish one day to be there too. Thanks for sharing.


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