Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hoodie Galore

For Her
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Called Hoodies or sweatshirts, these garments are dated back in the Medieval times, when they used to be worn in a longer form by monks and outdoor workers. Their rise began in the US during the 1930s, when Champion created a piece of clothing that would keep laborers warm while working in the freezing upstate New York. Hoodies took off in the 1970s, when hip-hop culture started to flourish and Rocky Balboa made his first appearance on the big screen. By the 1990s, sweatshirts became a symbol of academic spirit and many fashion houses, like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren started featuring them in their runway collections. Until now, they are worn in every casual circumstance, by people of all ages, looking cool and cozy as hell.
For Him
 all products are currently sold on Spartoo.Gr 
Despite the obvious ways to wear them, either with leggings and sweatpants for a sporty look or with any kind of skinny jeans or pants, I also tend to pair my hoodied loves with tight dresses, a layering technique that has helped me to make it through any kind of cold winter night out, when my leather perfecto can do nothing to protect me from cold, only worn by itself, above a body-conscious dress. That's why I always have a black version. And a grey. And a lighter grey. And a navy blue. And now I need a red. And did I mention how sexy boys with sweatpants and hoodies are?



Stacey Nguyen said...

Hoodies are good pieces to layer up when it gets colder. I need to wait haha but would love to have us follow each other. Let me know ! :)
♥Stacey Nguyen


natalie said...

So... I follow you ;*

kiss, natalie!

A Possible Fantasy said...

bench hoodie is one of my snowboard essentials!

a possible fantasy

Ieva Adukeviciute said...

Love hoodies, these are so nice!

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Viola said...

That red hoodie with gray sleeves is my fav!! I love it!


C.♪ said...

Really beautiful post,I love hoodie!
Thank u for your comment in my blog!
New post in my blog,I'm waiting for you!
Kiss kiss C.

euphorias room said...

Thank you so much for your comment!!
I‘m following you with GF and Blogloving!

Antonella Iavazzo said...

Great items dear, what about following each other?

Nelslicious // Facebook // Bloglovin

India said...

Love the first one!

Izabiela Majkut said...

The adidas one is the best ;)

+ would you like to follow each other?


Paola Lauretano said...

Great selection!!!

Mihaela Pojogu said...

love green ones
About women and not only Blog

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Tanya W. said...

Thanks for visiting:) my blog. I appreciated. I love hooties, these are going to be useful with the coming up fall weather!


Juseneide said...

I had so many hoodies - timeless :D
Kisses and thanks for your visit.

ellakii sedgwick said...

adorable post my dear, and you look gorgeous
i would love to follow each other with bloglovin,
lot's of love,

CoutureTrend Jessica said...

Great selection!


andysparkles said...

Love the adidas hoodie!



Kate M said...

Fabulous post!
Loving your blog, just come across it now :)
Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin, twitter & instagram?
If so let me know and I'll follow you right back
New post up on my blog
Speak Soon,
Much Love,
Kate xo


My secret shopping said...

great post. I follow you!


Dipika Syngai said...

I love hoodies! Thanks for the info, I didn't know they were dated back to the medieval...I thought the hoodiea trend started in the 90s :D

And thanks for dropping by, It made my day...I followed you on gfc...I hope you do the same :D


MILLY said...

I like so much the hoodie!

MILLY said...

Would you like to stay in touch and follow each other?I follow you now, I hope if you can follow me back :)

Natalia said...

Love that Adidas hoodie! :)

Tanya said...

I love the adidas and the nike one.


Froso M. said...

A warm welcome to everyone. Thanks for your comments!


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