Friday, August 2, 2013

Asos Sale Heaven

everything is bought from Asos.Com
Although I adore the feeling of coming across a real bargain through sales (just like any other girl, I guess), I wouldn't say that I have the emotional strength to go through piles and piles of scattered clothes, desperately searching for my size, trying to avoid faulty zippers and missing buttons. That may not be the case in high-end stores, but in the high-street fashion shops of the Inditex group, that is the commonest thing. I hate being repetitive, but Asos.Com will always be my all time favorite fashion destination for bargains, as sales to them never come as a joke. You just need patience to scroll down for a really long time because of the endless choices you'll have, decide on the money you want to spend, or focus on colors and preferable materials as well. I didn't intend to buy anything, but who would be able to resist all these beauties, starting from -50% and on? All of them are Asos brand, except for the long, striped backless dress, which is made from a brand called Club L (and is also available in white/navy combination). And if you could only see the back of that magnificent magenta A-line dress. Big reductions, PLUS the fact that they all fit amazingly, equals a total win-win situation. Now, I seriously need to focus on my outfit posts. Stay tuned!

Oh, these small joys in life..

1 comment:

Caterina Drak said...

Can you pleaaaase gift me the first one? It is soooo perfect!

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