Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's In Your Gym Bag?

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Bags. Handbags. Purses. Clutches. Totes. Messengers. The ways to name the woman's most beloved accessory are endless. In our bags we, girls, usually carry the burden of being a supernatural woman in a world that just asks too much; we have to carry our technological devices, such as tablets or smartphones, a wallet that is always about to burst from all these cards and coins, a make-up bag spacious enough to carry around all the necessary toiletries that will ensure a well-groomed presence throughout the day, usually a journal to schedule our days effectively, spare bits and bobs like pens, water bottles, chewing gum, ready made meals in tupperware bowls; seriously, the list is never ending.

That is to say, bags, in general, are not only helpful, but also mandatory in our busy lifestyles. One of the most useful ones, is the gym bag. All of us need a gym bag spacious enough to carry around a second set of clothes, another pair of gym shoes, a clean towel, a pair of flip-flops for the shower, some bath products and loads more. In other words, the certain kind of bag needs to be extra spacious, extra durable but extra feminine, too. Choose a simple one -like these Nike beauties- and make sure that it looks good with the majority of your sports outfits. Make the road to the gym look more and more fun.

Happy July everyone!

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