Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Something Old, Something New

As I have promised some posts before, I am here to present the old and new jean jacket generation featured in my wardrobe. Both of my jackets are Levis Red Tab ones. The one on the right is my old beauty, which was bought 13 years ago. It used to be dark blue, classic with no twists. Gradually, its color got lighter, and it ended up being torned and more stylish than ever, cause that is what happens with supreme quality jeans; just like wine, they get better with the pass of time.
Being extremely emotional towards things that remind me of any kind of good moments, I never wished to change my beloved denim piece for the sake of anything new. A decade -and more- later, I decided that a new one would do no harm, so here it is; my new Levis jacket is equally light in color, but some great changes in its design have made it even more contemporary. Its seams give a tighter fit, it is fashionably shorter, not to mention the fact that it has pockets. Pockets in a jacket are a big deal, especially for these moments that you don't know where to put your hands. The first one, I bought it with my own pocket money, the second one was bought with my earnings. Unequivocally, both of them can be considered as a great investment. Have a look at Spartoo.Gr to find the right one for you.


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