Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New In

At the moment of speaking, I'm still unpacking as I've just returmed from my amazing summer holiday. All my dresses and swimsuits are being washed and I'm trying to get used to the dull city rhythms after a week in a Greek earthly paradise. I wouldn't say that I'm in the best of moods, but my courier guy -or personal Santa- along with Spartoo.Gr dit it again; what's better than beginning your day with a beautiful gift?

It's sales time and probably you've already ceased the chance to cross out many items of your wishlists. It's not something smart to brag about, but during this time of the year I'm usually dazzled by the New Ins, planning ahead for my winter needs. That's how I decided that I needed a basic unisex grey hoodie from American Apparel, to be my companion during the following breezy afternoons, and a new gym bag by Nike just because my old one started to look a little dull. Too bad, the heatwave is really strong and it will be long until I'm wearing my hoodie, but still, it's so pretty to look at. 

Enjoy your summer breaks!

PS: Stay tuned for my holiday posts *wink*

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Love American Apparel hoodies!

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