Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's been officially 10 great days of being unemployed. Beauty sleep, shopping, having drinks with my friends, cyber window-shopping without having to look at the watch, reading books and -of course- planning my summer holidays. I have two or three Greek islands on my mind, but I'm still searching; the only thing I know for sure is that I need to shop for some extra necessities, that is, some new bikinis and some flip-flop pairs to match (I really like the word flip-flop, psycho much?).

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The obvious point to start with is a new pair of Havaiana beauties. They come in an array of colours, something that may hinder the choosing process of the perfect pair for you, but no worries. Take an extra pair just in case, as they are pretty inexpensive. Their buttery soft texture has made me count -already- three pairs; a silver one, a pink and a purple. If only I could wear those in town (I don't).
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Gisele's personal favorite,  Ipanema is a noteworthy successor to the classic Havainas. Ipanema pairs are equally fashionable, colorful and comfortable. Furthermore, their cute heart and bow designs make them look even more girly and cute. I think about getting that gold pair, as my collection lacks one.
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And last but not least, Mel jelly shoes, which I find unbearably beautiful. Their designs are usually away from the classic lines, something that makes them more urban-friendly. The only disadvantage is that when wet, they become really slippery -in contrast to the brands mentioned above- just because of their material (been there, done that- I almost broke my leg last year-). No matter what, I love my 3D pair and most of all I adore their smell, as it reminds me of those cute plastic shoes my mother used to buy me when I was a kid, in order not to step on anything dangerous while playing on the beach. 

What will be your choice this year?

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AVY said...

That's so not for me, maybe when I'm old.

/ Avy

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