Friday, June 28, 2013

Macademia Natural Oil Goodies

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My hair and I, we have an intense love affair since my childhood. I have always kept them long, shiny and pampered with the best of hair products. There is no other beauty ritual that I respect more than deeply nourishing remedies for hair and skin. I have never cut them short, dyed them, treated them badly. I am one of the worst/ most boring salon customers, as I have them cut twice or three times top; they never end up with split ends or dullness, and that's a lucky thing, I guess. 

For this reason, I always seek for the best of hair treatments/ products; throughout the last year I've been stuck to Macadamia Natural Oil products, which I always buy from Beauty I am not going to talk about their deep repair mask or their healing oil treatment, as every woman that has tried them swears by their name for many years to come. I am going to present their amazing range of Natural Boar bristle brushes that I added to my collection (two curling ones and the paddling brush shown above), as my old ones didn't seem to work anymore.

These cute beauties are made of 100% boar bristles,  they are high-heat resistant and have been specifically designed for the purpose of creating healthy more manageable hair with fantastic shine. Boar bristles have incredible health benefits for your hair and scalp, distirbuting your natural sebum oil to the hair shaft and sealing the cuticle. The boar is also gentler on the hair, averting the harsh damage and breakage caused by plastic bristles. Use in conjuction with macadamia oil treatment or spray oil to dramatically intensify these benefits even further.

Any tips for extra healthy hair are always welcome!

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Samantha Motilal said...

sometimes I use Argan oil it works really nicely as well as olive oil and coconut oil :)


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