Friday, June 14, 2013

Damsel in Distress

only tee, stradivarius sequined shorts, zara shoes
Υou have to be (or have been) a very close person to me to know my deep anxiety towards birthdays. It may be that, in our birthdays, we come across the fact that life goes by so quickly, or the sense that someone you love is missing from the picture on your special day. It may also be that we tend to deadline our dreams, like "When I'm 25, I must have achieved this and that" and the inevitable feeling of disappointment that comes when you realize that your goals are yet to be achieved. I seriously believe that all these gloomy thoughts have urged people to create the tradition of birthday gifts, a kind gesture to make people escape from the reality. First world problems you may think, but I have A LOT OF free time to ponder all day, so here it is. No matter what, through the certain day I always feel blessed and grateful to have people in my life that do not need a Facebook notification to remember an event like this, relationships that have stood the test of time, and friends that try to cheer me up by getting drunk and making silly jokes. And every single year, the same old conclusion: the greatest gift of all is love. Love for yourself, love for the others, love for your past, love for your aspirations and a warm embrace for everything that is about to come. These two sides of a Gemini.



fashion-meets-art said...

wow- i love your glitter shorts!!
maren anita

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Joan said...

Don't worry about a thing.
You are young & beautiful!
Happy birthday!
And get drunk now that you can! :P

chloe said...

im a gemini too, happy late birthday!
i always overanalise everything too, but your conlcusion sounds really good, you should totally take your own advice! x

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