Monday, June 17, 2013

Breezy Afternoons

Sometimes, when I look at my wardrobe, I can't help but recall my teenage years; I really believe that I had a horrible taste (who didn't after all?) and I feel very happy for making that great progress throughout the last decade. Nevertheless, my sweet tendency towards jean jackets has remained the same. It's amazing how much fashion has changed since 2003, but owning the correct denim jacket has always been the place to begin when it comes to sudden sea breezes, windy afternoons or simple layering techniques. I own a Levi's Red Tab one since 2002 (oh, God), bought with my own pocket money, that has been worn and customized to death. It's completely distressed now (that's the beauty of denim) and I still refuse to give it away or stop wearing it. That is what I call an investment. Thirteen years later, I decided to adopt a little brother for it, but these to pieces deserve a post by themselves, so wait for it.
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I guess that denim jackets is no news to any of you. More or less, every one of us owns one or more different styles of them. Consequently, the next step would be some other statement pieces that would style up your summer outfits, on these breezy summer afternoons (chilly winds are a quite common phenomenon in the Greek islands, believe it or not). I am currently into neutral blazers worn with cropped tops and statement necklaces, or preppy jackets worn with rock T-shirts. No matter what, bold colors have made their comeback and they look lovely paired with white shorts and sky high sandals. I really adore their pink and red versions, that look good either with jeans or with evening gowns. Just browse the online markets and the correct one will magically appear. And Spartoo.Gr is the place to begin!
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fashion-meets-art said...

gorgeous. i love jeans jackets.
maren anita

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