Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Basics with American Apparel

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Just a few years ago I was really into patterns. Throughout the past few years though, I have developed a great love for the timeless classics. Black, white, grey and other basic colors of simple lined t-shirts, tanks, hoodies or shirts combined with bold or even extravagant accessories like huge gold necklaces or bold bangles in deluxe ethnic prints, body harnesses and anything that may come to your mind. American Apparel is a company that has unequivocally succeeded in creating the absolute line of basics, keeping the correct ratio of price and quality. This sweatshop-free company, a term coined back in 2002, employs motivated and highly-paid employees that have a voice concerning the direction of the company and have nothing to do with the competitor counterparts that usually employ under-aged workers for less than 600$ per year. American Apparel remains one of the largest sewing facilities in North America, at the same time with being an environmentally friendly corporation, devoted to sustainable and ethical manufacturing in California, the state with the strictest and most progressive EPA standards in the USA. You can easily find many of their designs in Spartoo.Gr, neat and tidy, just like that. If you don't already have some of their pieces, a try may convince you.


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