Saturday, May 25, 2013

New In For Him

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Girls, girls, girls. It all seems to be about us; Make-up, clothes, high-heeled shoes. It's even obvious in all these huge departement stores, which usually consist of 4 floors adressed to women, and only 1 or 2 adressed to men. It's not only that most of them hate shopping, but also that they have no fashion stimuli (i.e men's magazines, style blogs, eye for detail in general) to help them construct the perfect wardrobe. And there come the girlfriends/ sisters/ mothers who end up doing the job with their magic wand of style charisma. Ι have always liked men who go for the simple way. Jeans, basic T-shirts, striped shirts, stylish sportswear (God only knows how much I love men in tracksuits) and that kind of clothes that underline an alpha male's personality. I also admire men in more up-to-date outfits, I think though that all these vivid colors and designs just steal their thunder. All in all, you can easily make your boys smile, cause Spartoo.Gr is lately featuring a wide range of clothing, and it is just a click away. Window-shop till you drop!


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