Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Here

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Ιt's 32 degrees today in Greece, and -although it's still early May- there's no better time to dedicate a whole post to our beloved flat sandals. In my previous shoe post I've talked extensively about my opinion concerning the certain kind of shoe; as I'd been browsing through the endless designs available in Spartoo.Gr, I came across a plethora of new, lovable pairs that I would like to share. Concerning shoes, I'm really into simple lines beacause an understated pair (imagine Dream In Green, Jonac and Casadei) can accompany all your floral, striped, colour-block outfits. On the other way round, a more complicated pair, studded, pearled or ornate, will make your simple-boring-quiet outfits a little more interesting, accessorizing your feet to the fullest. So, simple or extravagant? Before choosing your new pair take a look in your wardrobe. There lies the answer.

Have a lovable time sweethearts!

1 comment:

Keit said...

Wow, sandals with spikes? Guess I haven't seen it all :D

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