Thursday, April 4, 2013

The World's Loveliest Accessory

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If you happen to know me in person, or follow my blog for a long time you'd surely know the thing I have for bags. I either splurge on extra luxurious brands or buy value for money leather ones from vintage markets; see, my grandmother was a WWII child, not only didn't she keep a bag from that time, but I still wonder in what age did she actually get her first one. On the other way round, my mother was a real fashion icon during her times, but she really wanted to get rid of everything when she got bored of it. As you can imagine, I am the only fashion wise female among my ancestry and I know that a quality, simple lined bag will be easily transacted to the following generations; and -be sure- I plan to build a hell of an accesory heredity for my daughter to acquire. My collection consists of many "classics" that I have paid for by m-y-s-e-l-f ever since I was an 18 year old, and I never regret paying that much on something that makes me feel good any time I look at it, hanging from my hand/ shoulder/ wrist. Spartoo.Gr features some great styles that will surely amaze you with their charm. I fell in love with those Abaco Paris, as a design like this shall never betray you.

"I'm homeless! I'll be a bag lady! 
A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady!"
Carrie Bradshaw

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Michaela said...

I love the Carrie Bradshaw quote, that always makes me smile! And she keeps sweaters in her stove!

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