Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer Strolling

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Just like every other girl in the world, shopping is my favorite pastime. I can spend endless hours going up and down the streets looking for that perfect something. No matter if it is a dress, a piece of jewellery or a leather perfecto, I never get tired until I come across that piece that will make my heart skip a beat. Unbelievable as it may seem, two things I always h-a-t-e buying; jeans and flat sandals. Buying Jeans is hateful because I have a really Mediterranean silhouette; that is, my curvy bum combined with my tiny waist make my life a real hell, as no pair of jeans seems to have the right fit. Plus, flat sandals always look weird to my eyes. I don't know if it is my toygirl size, but I feel like a 6 year old everytime I take a look at my feet. Even if I find a really interesting design, I always end up with another pair of wedges. But the burning hot greek summer, along with the slippery paths of the greek islands leave no other choice than buying a pair, just for these days when walking barefoot is preferable to any kind of shoe. Dream In Green is an eco-friendly shoe company which creates biodegradable leather shoes, comfortable and easy to combine. Their designs are not what one would call "cutting-edge" but these little pairs stole my heart for good. In fact, I've already bought the pink one, so stay tuned. Summer is so close. 

Big, noisy kiss.

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