Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Gym Bags

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When I was a kid I used to think that by the time I grow up I 'd have the time in my hands to do anything that would please me, anytime I wanted to. Time passed by so quickly, and it may have proved not be a doctor as everyone used to say, but a great teacher instead. There's no greatest time of independence, than the one you share in the warmth of your family, when everything is cooked, washed, done magically (mums are fairies, for real).

Despite my overexhausting pace of life (which means that I have to plan one week beforehand to have a coffee with my friends) one thing I always try to find some time for: exercise. It doesn't matter whether it's cardio, pilates, weigh lifting, or whatever. These endorphines are supposed to be a present to myself just to keep my life going. Of course, girls will be girls and nothing is supposed to be done without the style factor. That's why I needed to replace my black Bjorn Borg gym bag with a new one. Maybe get a new towel too. And some colorful trainers.

Keep on smiling,

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