Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Winter Purchases (I swear)

I've been talking about the winter sales for such a long time, that it would be impossible not to take advantage of the amazing offers and grab a thing or two. It was the first time that I didn't have the chance for a proper, tiring and long-hour shopping raid, but -no matter my disappointment- I decided to have an on-line shopping spree and find some time to shop during next month. As I've already said, during sales you can find amazing stuff to stock up for the followng season; what is more, you can buy some presents for your loved ones, because you are not the only one who needs to be pampered. I think that buying things for my closest of people makes me feel much happier than buying things for me (well, that works as well), because I love that face of excitement someone gets when they open a present they like. And -believe me- one of my talents is this; picking the most amazing of presents. Speaking of talents, I may consider it as a future career sometime, who knows?
The huge box that arrived, only 5 days after placing my order, contained an amazing pair of Nike Skylines for my beautiful sister who is reeeeeeally jealous of my pink-grey Skylines bought three years ago. Usually she doesn't even pay attention to my blog, or read what I write, so I hope that I will not spoil the surprise by featuring a picture of these, as her present needs some time to be shipped to Sweden, where she lives. Secondly, Converse  is almost never absent of my Spartoo orders (addictions are addictions after all), and how could it be now that I found an amazing pair of leather Chucks, bought for my most beloved man of all time, my dad? I'm sure he'll look really cool wearing his checked shirt, jeans and All-Stars. See, he has never been that classic dad figure, dressed up to the nines. He seems to suffocate in suits during formal occassions, and I love it that he's young at heart (well, in that point you should see my mum, she never seems to get older too). And one last pair of extra classic black leather pair of Ox All-Stars for my bestie who's having her graduation day next month. I guess it's my turn now, spring collections, here I come!

Kiss and Hug,


fashion-meets-art said...

wow i love the neon nikes.
just perfect.
lovely greets
maren anita

Zatchels GIVEAWAY:

Keit said...

Wow, you are a generous girl! Is there something for meeee?? :D Kidding!
Those neon nikes are spicy! :)

An. Ni said...

κι εγω ετσι λεω συνεχεια , δεν θα ψωνισω αλλο , τελευταιες αγορες , αλλα ποτε δεν το τηρω!!
σευχαριστω πολυ για το σχολιο!!
μολις σε ακολουθησα στο bloglovin, θα χαρω πολυ αν θελεις να με ακολουθησεις κι εσυ :)

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