Saturday, March 23, 2013


ray ban shades, suede jacket from sweden, vila sweater, gina tricot necklace, nike skyline shoes (not shown)
Lately, I've been thinking about that blogging thing, especially whether or not someone like me has the right to be called a "fashion blogger" -God, what a silly title-. Whereas my friends like what I do and how I do it (they really love me, I guess) I never called myself like that, as I would consider it a blasphemy towards real fashion bloggers like Chiara, Andy, Rumi and the rest of the gang. I believe that true fashion blogging is a full time job, requiring time dedication and some good financial backing. Blogging came in my life through a peculiar phase, and as  a Gemini I loved it and got sick of it many times until now. Nonetheless, it still is a way to get away from my everyday routine and I really believe that catwalks are good but, if you are a working girl out in the big world, it's how you translate those catwalks into your everyday life that counts. In that way, I would like to thank you for your support (I mean your clicks) and all these personal messages, despite my scarce presence. All these single hits continue to feed my vanity, and I promise that I will make all these projects running through my head come true, gradually or in a few months time. Thanks for being there anyway, it means the world.

The sun is shining. 
I hope the same happens with your eyes.



J. said...

That jacket is fantastic, absolutely love it!! Love your blog as well, just found it for the first time today :)

Hannah Layford said...

gorgeous jacket! such a fab colour

Hannah xx

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