Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Tips, Bits and Pieces.

I would like to start my post by saying that I am an avid supporter of drugstore products, especially concerning skincare, as they usually offer what they promise, keeping the correct ratio of value and money. Yesterday was a visit to my nearby drugstore, to stock up on my monthly necesssities;
  • Roc Skincare products are one of my favorite choices concerning face creams. Hydra+ is one of the most effective moisturisers I have ever used, along with the Lancôme Neurocalm series (what a divine smell) and the Dior Capture Xp (great consistency, amazing smell, ouchy price). Roc's cleansing mousse will surely be my one of my new favorites as it really works on those days that my skin suddenly breaks out.
  • As much as I am not what someone would call a Vichy fan, as their products do not seem to work on me, this body cream is a total wonder, as it deeply nourishes your skin without that greasy result body butters usually have.  This is a travel size, gift from my pharmacist, that I am going to use on my travels, as I already have the 400ml vase in my bathroom drawers. Oh, and did I mention that it smells n-e-c-t-a-r-i-n-e? Awesome.
  • Now, two little beauty secrets from my friend's mum (mums all over the world seem to have the answer for everything, don't they?) that I certainly have to share with my beloved followers; Abrador soap which is an exfoliating bar of soap, that brings out those infuriating ingrowing hair that make your life difficult during leg waxing. Plus, it seems to help with cellulite too, but you have to use it moderately because it's really strong and not so appropriate for extra sensitive skin.
  • Castor Oil. Every girl that has extra long hair like me, knows the importance of a nice, luxurious hair treatment. So, 2 times per month I heat 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil (just a little, only for the vitamins to start working) and massage my scalp/ hair roots until the whole surface is covered. After that do your hair up, in a bun (because they look quite greasy) and wait for an hour or so. Wash your hair as usual, and you'll not believe your eyes. Plus, it does wonders concerning your eyelashes. Just clean an old mascara wand and 2-3 times per week soak it in the oil, take the extra quantity off the bristles and apply to your eyelashes. Oh, and thank me later.
  • My long term relationship with The Body Shop still works wonders. I am really into body butters as you may have understood, and I never run out of stock from my Strawberry Body Butter. I even like the never ending sense of hydration it gives to my extra dry skin, combined with that intense scent that drives me crazy. My new love is the Peach one, it just seems too springy and I've decided to keep it for April.
  • Spa Wisdom Polynesia Oil is the best dry oil you could ever find, not to mention its divine smell. I got carried away once, buying the Hei Poa Tiare dry oil -everyone claimed it was great- and I was really disgusted by it, as its smell was simply irritating. That one looks great on summer skin, without the tacky-stripper effect of Baby Oil.
  • I love raspberries, but I'm not really sure whether this one smells like a raspberry or not. Haven't tried it yet, I'm just sharing.
 Have a great Saturday night lovelies!
Big kiss,


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