Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring Is Near

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I bet I am not the only one who steps into a shop during sales time, and always-always-always finds the New Collections way more shiny that the winter ones. Every single time I'll look at them, touch them, try them on and buy girly floral pieces in the middle of January. Spartoo.Gr offers a great range of sales in shoes, bags and currently added a clothes feature that I would strongly advise you to pay close attention to, as a -60% in a quality pair of boots shall never be scorned by a frugal fashionista, but the new lines can make you smile and dream of summery strollings and spring excursions in light clothes. Black, gold, checked or studded, all of the pairs featured above are my personal favorites and the ones I would surely choose to add in my shoe closet. There are many new lines to come yet, but a little window shopping does no harm, right? Enjoy the winter sunshines, and start dreaming of Spring. It's closer than you think.


1 comment:

Keit said...

Aaaah, window shopping, is there anything it can't cure :D

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