Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keds Cuties Spring-Summer '13

I usually love something, in case it's closely connected to my childhood.  Most of us used to mark the beginning of spring with the devouring of the first ice cream. I used to connect my summer countdown with my beloved mum, buying her annual new pair of white Keds. I mean, e-v-e-r-y single year, she would buy a new, strictly white pair to wear when she ran behind me and my little sister, without feeling restricted. Having made such a close connection of the brand to one of my most precious people in the globe, it's no wonder I became an avid fan of the famous easygoing spirit of Keds. See, I am more on the All Star side, but these beauties look so cute and summery, don't they?
This is one of the most extravagant, cute and -at the same time- simple pair, featured in the new collection. The array of colors and designs is literally endless, and the prices for such a classic are unbelievably low. Especially when taking into consideration the HUGE Spartoo sales, going up to -60%. That is, you can buy a pair of the previous collection for almost a blue note (20 euros or so). I am not sure which one to choose yet, see, I'm a leopard print sucker, but I adore the magenta version as well. As you can understand, mum unintentionally influenced my preference, but surely NOT made me stay on the safe side of her classic white pair. Seriously, which one?

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Liezyl Gomez said...

i want the leopard keds!

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

I like the polka dot ones xx
The Dainty Dolls House

Reaction said...

latremena keds pragmatika!ax thee mu ta kokkina poua me kaloun :P

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