Tuesday, December 31, 2013


hm top, asos skirt
A day or so before the dawn of 2014, and I'm here to thank you for your warm comments and your sweet presence throughout the year. 2013 was not very kind after all, but life has its ups and downs I guess, so I'm wishing you the best of luck, endless love and loud laughter. I am thankful for me and my family being healthy, for having all these amazing friends, for being lucky enough to have everything I need, for being able to be loving and giving and for getting back as well. Have an amazing New Year sweethearts, amazing things are just around the corner.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Last One

hm top, zara pants, converse shoes
I accidentally bumped into the certain long lost post, which was photoshooted more than two months ago and was never uploaded for no apparent reason. I decided to post it now, even if it looks kinda out-seasoned, just because a. I am working in a feverish pace until Friday, and I have no free time to show you anything new b. I am bidding farewell to my super long hair (believe me, it's even longer now), as I got super tired of blowdrying for more than half an hour and still have damp hair. On Thursday I am making the huge step to change something for the very first time. Nothing too radical,  I guess, but still I am thinking about quite of a change. Maybe a sombre technique, along with a medium-short haircut, a balayage or anything with a French title (I completely suck at these, I have no idea what I'm talking about). Plus, I'm trusting my hair to a new hairstylist and that makes me not being able to sleep at night (psychos will be psychos). That's all for now, be ready for a Before-After picture quite soon.
Take care and wish me luck,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Ideas via Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

There are two types of present-shoppers in the world: the ones considering the whole procedure as an interesting mission, and those who see it as the absolute chore, not being able to get in somebody else's shoes. And choosing the perfect present is a talent inborn and not conquerable at all. Here follows a list of possible X-mas treats that will surely please even the pickiest ones.
  • A classic top, like a striped one, for endless combinations.
  • A pair of sky-high pumps; every girl loves that Cinderella feeling.
  • A day-to-night purse, that will look posh and easy-going at the same time.
  • A warm, cozy knit. I always propose an off-white shade, because it looks cute and pricey, even when it's not.
  • A pair of buttery soft, leather gloves. Go for a caramel shade, as everyone owns a black pair.
  • A nice, leather wallet. Along with a stylish bag, it always underlines its owner's style sense.
  • A pair of brogues, like this leopard one; beware, that goes only for the fashion forward recipients.
  • A warm set of woolen hat and gloves. They're affordable, wearable and oh, so girly.
  • A pair of wellies for those rainy days.
You can always make your own choices
in Spartoo.Gr .

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shine Bright

vero moda sweater, lee frozen white jeans, vince camuto leopard pumps, asos sunglasses
Presents. Big or small, when chosen with love, they always disperse that warm, loving feeling in the air. I have received many throughout my life, from family, friends, boyfriends, even from strangers (well, that's a long story), little ones, like the Santa-shaped eraser I got today from my best friend (made my students jealous once again), or huge ones like air-tickets and jewellery. Some of them may slip my mind, but the ones that were chosen with love have never left my sight. Focus on my wrist now, where lies that amazing Michael Kors watch my little sister got me just because I'm her fantabulous older sister (ho, ho, ho), that golden bracelet which used to be my mother's (present from her mother-in-law, grandma F.), and that Swarovski cuff given from a special person on my latest birthday. I like carrying these on my hand, as I feel my people everytime I look at them. 

What's the latest gift you have received?


Saturday, November 30, 2013


thanks to Romwomen.Com

When it comes to jewelry, make it bold.
Enjoy a huge variety of incredible pieces in Romwomen.Com.

Have a great weekend you all.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend Mood On

american apparel hoodie, zara boyfriend jeans, converse all stars, ray ban shades

Sleeping. Hanging out with friends. Probably setting up the christmas tree. Sleeping. Eating. Sleeping.

Have an amazing weekend,
love you much.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Steps To Buy A Dress

thanks to Oasap.Com

Step 1: You are casually window-shopping online.
Step 2: You see the dress.
Step 3: Your heart  skips a beat; meanwhile, you're mentally picturing yourself in it.
Step 4: Shit, where is my credit card?
Step 5: No way, I'll keep my money.
Step 6: But look how cute it is.
Step 7: No. Probably it won't fit well.
Step 8: I don't care, I need it in my wardrobe. 
Step 9: *Add to Shopping Bag*
Step 10: *Smiling Face*

PS: That ultra sexy, amazing, impeccable piece is on sale, ladies! 

For more information,
check Oasap.Com

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Body-licious by Choies

Sequined Body thanks to Choies.Com
Throughout the last few years, I don't use to buy as many evening clothes as I did in the past. Maybe that's because I don't go out quite as often, or because of my tendency to mix and match everyday pieces with sparkly ones, with the exception of major events and festive nights, when coming out of the closet is the norm. Lately, I've ordered that amazing body from Choies.Com, which will definitely look divine with wide leg pants or long black skirts, even with a posh midi skirt. I received it yesterday, and I guess I already know what I am gonna wear on Saturday night. Unfortunately the certain body went so viral, that it is already out of stock; and I would never guess otherwise.

For more evening tops and bodies
visit Choies.Com

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dune Boots

 only long cardigan, hm tee, vero moda leather shorts, dune boots
I never go for the right shoe. I mean, I am seriously incapable of picking up the right size, the correct fit or the proper comfort factor. I am a size 38.5, and that is a curse, as 38 is usually too tight but 39 is obviously too big. I also have pumps and sneakers sized 37.5 and boots numbered as 39. That is to say, every time I have an online shoe crush I have to guess the right size, although I know I will probably return it the following day (Spartoo.Gr thank you for the Free Returns service). But this time, something magical happened; I saw these amazing biker boots, I was ready to order a 39 but something stopped me, making me buy my regular 38. Some days later, here they were, fitting perfectly, made of exquisite soft leather, wide enough to look cool, a pair made in heaven. It's been a week that I'm going against the spring-like Greek weather, and I keep on matching these beauties with all my everyday looks. For more Dune pairs just check out Spartoo.Gr.

Big Kiss.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


only skirt and shirt, nine west pumps, ray ban shades
Absolute bullet-point randomness:
  • Not having seen my mum for a year, as she lives in Sweden, it's amazing how much I've missed having an equally lunatic person in da house. We drink coffee together, we do manicures, she takes care of my clothes, she prepares my meals, we share wine bottles, oh the little joys.
  • Theres a lot of food inside here. I mean A LOT. Mum-made food and tons of my beloved Swedish candy. I'm turning into round shape. I hope you'll never notice.
  • I have to start working out again. I've already said "next week" for 5 weeks in a row. And I see no silver lining in the horizon. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I guess it's because of that strict carbohydrate regime.
  • My hibertated shopping spree is wide awake again. Asos, Franklin, Spartoo, sponsorships and presents from companies. I greet my mailman with a high five after all that online fashion orgy.
  • I own dozens of plaid shirts, but I never have enough. The same thing happens with stripes in spring time. Hopeless case.
  • I am seriously thinking of changing my hair. This is my natural shade, which has started turning darker with the pass of time; I have never dyed them, burnt them, tortured them but I am in a desperate need for a change. I don't use to overthink concerning my appearance, but for me, hair is a very serious thing. Plus, my hair stylist is a men's hairstylist, with no coloring experience, and I cannot easily trust my hair to anybody else. First world problems, I know.
Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


hm cropped perfecto, p&b tee, fornarina jeans, vintage plaid shirt, zara shoes, ray ban shades, bik bok chain

Have an amazing, sparkly, fabulous weekend!
Love you long time,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dreams Come True in Anjolee

I didn't think I would ever be the kind of girl who fantasizes about expensive jewelry, diamond rings and diamond bracelets, but when I came across Anjolee , something made my heart skip a beat. It isn't just a website selling jewelry, it is an online site making your sparkly dreams come true. And we, girls, know that a little sparkle does no harm, right? *wink*

And what do I mean by "dreams come true" is the amazing customization service Anjolee offers to its clients.That is, you can purchase your dream diamond bracelet in three simple steps; first, you select your favorite design. After that, you select your favorite metal type from the available options. For example, you can go for yellow, white gold and platinum of 10k, 14k or 28k. Last, all you have to do is choose the total carat size of preference, along with the diamond quality by clicking on the corresponding price.  That means that the cost of your favorite diamond bracelet may vary from $300 to many thousands, making it truly yours the way you like it.
all images are property of Anjolee.com
The company is based in San Diego, California, and has a trained personnel of more that 100 employees, including the crème de la crème of model makers and designing teams. Anjolee's collections are available on respectable retail stores across the US, Canada and many websites, but its very own website came to life in 2008. But why should anyone buy something as precious online, when they can take a close look while buying their jewelry from a living store?

Just because some things are forever, diamond jewelry, eg a timeless diamond bracelet, is meant to last for a lifetime. Why not have it the way you want it?  And that answers my previous question, I guess. The painstaking  buying guide, its live chat service and the endless testimonials of pleased clients from all over the world add up to the website's credibility, making it a competitive and widely recognized jewelry manufacturer ever since 1977. Anjolee's trained customer service representatives will be here to provide excellent service to its clients through telephone chat and email support 7 days a week in order to make your internet shopping experience surpass any previous shopping experience.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wine Red

 all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
It's funny how much I used to hate the certain shade of red for the whole of my life. I thought of it as dull and non-existent to my color map, and I'd never buy an item featuring it. But as a Gemini with an Aquarius rising, constantly changing my mind is a way of life; this season I am so much into the certain color, finding it royal and lushy. It flatters a Mediterranean person's true colors, and it looks good either on men or women. It pairs with black, grey, jeans and leopard (my personal favorite), and it is not as boring as a typical pair of trousers would be. Plus, it can never look tacky if combined wisely. Casualwear or not, wine red items would definitely underline your style sense to the rest of the world with the minimum effort, and that's the kind of style I've always preferred.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

What's your obsession of the season?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sing A Happy Song

zara boyfriend jeans, wayfarer shades, nike skyline shoes, longchamp legende

♪ ♫ La-La,  La-La-La-La ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ Sing a happy song ♪ ♫
 ♪ ♫ La-La,  La-La-La-La ♪ ♫
  ♪ ♫ Smurf the whole day long ♪ ♫

  ♪ ♫ Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin  ♪ ♫
  ♪ ♫ Happy things will come to you ♪ ♫
  ♪ ♫ So smurf yourself a grin  ♪ ♫

As a 90s kid, I couldn't help myself from jumping at the sight of  the cutest Smurf hoodie ever. Sunday was the best day to wear it with my comfy boyfriend jeans and my favorite Nike trainers. I'm sorry to tell you that my hoodie has already SOLD OUT (how couldn't it?) but Oasap.Com offers an array of other, equally amazing hoodie designs for you to choose. It's late afternoon, I just returned home, I've made myself a hot beverage and I'm preparing for my next week's lessons. How do you spend your Sundays?

ckeck out Oasap.Com.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Love

7 for all mankind jeans, only shirt, asos shades, vince camuto peep toes

It's suddenly extra chilly in Greece, I have started working again, my closet is completely disorganised, I have time for nothing until I re-get to grips with my new reality and schedule, but I've found some time to share a speedy outfit post, featuring my bright red Oasap sweater, that I've combined with my new Only shirt, bought from Spartoo.Gr. The certain sweater is cosy, warm, easy to combine and it is also available in brown. Certainly a wise choice, to underline any kind of dull outfit. Saturday afternoon, time to catch up with your blogs!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Ins

My evergrowing Converse family acquired a brand new member (these babies deserve a post on their own), and I couldn't be happier about it. White is my all time favorite color concerning trainers, and I already own the classic white canvas pair, but it seems to get so dirty that it needs to be washed every two months, and it eventually turns yellow. That's why the leather white version is here to stay, making my life somehow easier. Plus, you can wear your white Chucks in winter as well, without looking out of the season. These are my latest purchases from Spartoo.Gr, my beloved online fashion destination.
As I told you in a previous post, the beginning of each new season is the perfect chance to ponder on your new needs and buy some brand new, easily-combined basics. Plaid shirts have been my thing for many of the latest seasons, and this one will not be the exception. I usually buy their men's version, and I enjoy wearing those with jeans and leggings, layered with cosy sweaters or not, with bold necklaces or plain white tank tops. Nothing groundbreaking, but one needs to be inventive in the everyday style arena to survive the eternal torture of "What am I wearing today?".

What was your latest purchase?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The List

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Here I am, completely inspired from all these brown leaves, with another amazing set of my weekly style propositions via Spartoo.Gr. Let me give you some ideas concerning the newest fall basics that will be there for you irrespective of the everchanging trends. 
Have you made your new-season lists?

PS: Outfit post is on the way! xxx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

But Baby It's Cold Outside

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
School season is officially on. September always evokes memories from the times I was a student as well. It was my favorite part of the school year, because it marked a rebirth; new books, new stationery, new teachers, new people, new goals and fresh starts. Back then, when everybody continued to grow in height, size and weight, the new season was always accompanied with the purchase of a brand new down jacket and -of course- a new pair of trainers for our PE class. Years have passed, and the only good thing is that we can accumulate our loved clothes, keep the ones we love and toss those that don't fit anymore. The need for wardrobe rejuvenation is still intact though, and September is the perfect month to clean up the mess, get rid of all these summery floral dresses and make a list of your new must-haves. And what's a better way to welcome the new season than buying a new but timeless piece of outerwear?
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
What I consider the absolute basics, concerning color, would be black, grey, olive green, navy blue and red. The color and consistency of the piece you'll choose will greatly depend on the part of the world you live in; e.g, you can choose a lighter piece if you only have to face the mild Greek winter, when cold lasts about 2 or 3 months, but you'll definitely need to buy a thicker piece if you live in Sweden or Norway, where cold is the norm throughout the year. As far as the color is concerned, if you already own a basic black or grey down jacket, I'd say that a red piece will absolutely make you stand out from the rest. No matter your personal tastes or needs, Spartoo.Gr is just a click away for you to browse between endless choices for the upcoming winter.

Enjoy the first storms!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Choies Skirt

Asos shades, Only shirt, CHOIES skirt, Claudia Mare wedges
I'm gonna talk about that feeling of making the right choice. It may be for something trivial, as buying an airy, neutral skirt, that has proved to be even more versatile in reality than you thought it would be; it can be worn with a beaded top, giving you that princess fling, or with a jean shirt for a more Ralph Lauren feeling, not to forget the combination with a wild perfecto for some grunge air. Making the right choice may also have to do with more major things like choosing the perfect career path; the job that will make you feel like you're not working, that will fill you up with creativity, inspiration and the joy of collaboration. And what about choosing the perfect partner? The one that will support you through hard times, make you laugh your heart out, be a stone of strength whenever you're dying out of angst, or you name it. Well, right choices always make people feel complete, but in the aftermath the wrong ones are a prerequisite to lighten them up.

And it all started with a skirt.

Have fun shopping at Choies.Com


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