Friday, December 28, 2012

Put Your Festive Shoes On

Christmas lights are on, christmas stockings are hung over the fireplace, the house smells food 24/7 and I bet you have already decided what your New Year's Eve outfit will be. But what about the shoes? According to my experience as a fashion lover/observer, there are three types of women choosing one of the following shoe styles; the one that stands for the timeless value of a black pair; the other that roots for some splash of color to cheer up the whole outfit, and the one that considers black too predictable, inventing in that way a new classic, the neutral pair.
I guess everybody owns a pair of black stillettos, but there is always room for another one, right? Thin or thick, these heels will be the spine of every possible outfit, making you look sophisticated and elegant no matter the circumstances. If you don't have one, go get it.
Bold colors and leopard designs have been my favorites ever since I was a child, peeking at my mum's shoe boxes. They all look great and I have to admit that these purple pairs have stolen my heart for good. Color blocking or spicing up your lbd, it's a choice you'll make depending on your mood. I always go for the leopard pairs, old habits die hard, you see.
And, last but not least, the king of it all; golden hues seem to have stolen the crown from black, as these neutral beauties look good no matter the season. You don't have to worry about the outfit as they look good even with the craziest ones. The Casadei one looks perfect, doesn't it?

Which team are you in?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas World

People in our lives come and go. We come and go into other people's lives. Being a deeply sentimental person I have always considered living away from the ones you love quite of a tragedy.
But life plays the weirdest of games, and suddenly most of my beloved ones live in another city, even in another country. Skype is a great ally, but -too bad- cyber hugs are yet to be invented. What I hate the most, is that my sentimentalism is undercover, and I'm a good actress, behaving in the "Nevermind" way. In my life, I have been really blessed to be surrounded by unique people, people that I considered precious, even if they proved me wrong. Old friends, family members, acquaintances and past relationships, they all gave me the best of lessons; you are the one who is going to accompany you for a lifetime, as all of them step away in an instant. Let people come to you, talk to them, love them or hate them, just be real and never hurt one. That is always appreciated.
Love your past, as it defines you. Show your feelings. Fall in traps. Live your life to the fullest. I used to be trapped a lot of times in the past, but I continue to appreciate those people and love them even if they are gone. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Make mistakes, but do them once, twice tops. Then learn. And again. 

Happiness lies in the spur of the moment. Its not a way of life, like it is projected by the media. We are supposed to feel sad in order to be happy, and we have to cry to appreciate laughter. Love the people who are there for you and never prove them wrong; life will give you back the same. Don't wait for tomorrow, your life is today. Hug your mum (I never do and I feel so guilty at times), kiss your dad and show them that you are by their side. Tell the ones that love you at your worst "Thank you for being so patient with my shitty self'' and be someone's reason to smile. Excuse my Coelho self, but you just feel like family. Tonight, give a big kiss to your loved ones and show them your love, even without saying it. I bet you have your ways.

Happy Christmas, 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Latest Purchase

I used to be one of these messy girls who had a plethora of whatever-you-may-imagine in their closets, shoe boxes etc. Specifically about shoes I had grey gladiators, leopard peep-toes, suede boots, and whatever you may name. But I always lacked of these basic pairs, like a classic and easy to walk pair of black pumps. During the past two years I have totally replaced black shoes with leopard ones, just because they seem to add that extra half an inch in most of my single-colored outfits need. What is more, it is becoming easier to find the craziest designs you may imagine, rather that finding a proper simple lined one, for these times that you just wanna walk on the safe side.
12cm heel -walkable enough- bought at Spartoo.Gr
Some time ago, I have surely mentioned that I live in a small town that offers no shopping facilities for extra picky customers like me. I mean, there are many shops but the quality and designs offered do not look appropriate for my taste, as I always pay more attention to the quality rather than the price; especially when it has to do with my feet, the part of me that has the role of carrying the whole weight of me.  Our feet deserve the best of choices, and Spartoo.Gr has been my saviour -once again. Being a full-time teacher I seriously lack the time to visit my favorite shoe shops in my beautiful Thessaloniki, and what is better that ordering something on-line and waiting for the UPS Santa to bring it right at your door? Nine West is one of my favorite brands, as it offers great classic designs, in an array of quality materials, in really affordable prices. What will be your choice.

Start preparing your Christmas outfits, lovelies!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nike For the Win

Ever since I've opened my blog, I never failed to mention Nike as my favorite sports brand. It's the soft materials that hug your body, keeping it warm or cool -depending on the circumstances-, it's the amazing designs that underline your fashionable ego even when sweaty, and last but most important of all the shoes that fit like a glove. Nike is a synonym for quality, concerning sportswear and no objection can be raised. My personal favorite, the certain brand keeps me on my toes, making me run that extra mile on the treadmill, just because my new pair of shoes keeps me motivated. Well, my new I-pod list is certainly a nice reason, too.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
This time I am not going to talk about shoes, as Spartoo.Gr launched some Nike clothes as well, like colorful tops, puffy jackets that can keep you warm on those windy winter days and cozy hoodies for men and women. Have I ever mentioned how much I love men in hoodies? Quality sportswear does not only last longer than a cheaper choice, but is also made from pure materials that keep away bacteria and germs. Not to mention their great range of accessories, like these gym totes that look really good, not only on the way to the gym, but also when you are out and about doing your errands. 
 all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

Have a great snowy day,
exercise and get some extra Vitamin C.
Christmas is close.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Ideas by Accessorize

What a wonderful way for your week to begin! Half an hour after a harsh Monday morning wake up, the Speedex guy (that I consider something like my personal Santa, along with the UPS one), called me to inform that I had a goodie bag from Accessorize, which included the Christmas catalogues in deluxe edition and some Christmas decorations that look really cute on my Christmas tree. Either it is your sister, your best friend or maybe your baby pet, there's an array of choices; smart presents, amazing jewellery, and many many girlie stocking fillers. 

Always stay kids at heart,
big kiss!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guess by Marciano F/W Collection

Every season, the same old story; "I only need a pair of black pumps, nothing really fancy", and in the following shopping session, the plethora of amazing choices, colors and patterns keeps us away from our shopping goals. There is always a divine purple pair that will look perfect combined with your grey peg trousers, or a pair of caramel booties that will look oh-so-good with your cream chunky sweater. And, ok, you may have a pair of basic ballerinas, but does it have studs on? Yeap, an other pair wouldn't hurt so much, would it? And the russian doll effect goes on and on. This is typically me, typically you or typically every single girl around the globe. It is ok if you spend wisely though, and Guess is a brand worth putting your money on, as its shoe designs are always well-constructed and up-to-date to the latest trends. Wedged booties, smart flats and killer heels, everything under the umbrella called Guess by Marciano. I definitely approve of their designs and I am really into these studded booties featured below. And I really like these Mary Janes. And that color purple. Seriously, stop me now.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

Have a fashionable week, you all!
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