Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Home Sweethearts

I have always loved girls who gracefully walk in their sky-high heels from morning to night. Of course, we have to pay special attention to g-r-a-c-e-f-u-l-l-y, as this is not always the case. As much as I love heels, I usually walk around in my Nikes or Converse, just to be able to stand all day long. On a night out I can walk around in my 12cm for hours, but I really have to make my life easier in everyday situations. There are sometimes though, that you have to look like a grown up woman, not a belated teen; for this reason, I had to do some more compromising choices, like a pair of posh looking, flat boots. In the place I live, I don't have the array of choices I need to have while shopping, but thanks to the net world and its endless capabilities, Spartoo.Gr was there for me, once again!
At first, I started looking for a flat pair, but I am not really easy at that. There were many pairs I liked, but I wasn't sure, because I thought of buying a high-heeled pair as well, that would be easy to walk around in my everyday life. And -tadaaahhhh!- Buffalo London did its tricks and my quest for two different pairs, has been incorporated in one. It is wedged, it is nicely pointed, it is 11cm tall and I feel like wearing a common flat pair. Walkable enough, not to mention the fine leather it is made of. Buffalo Heylen, if you want to take a look at Spartoo, and I am pretty sure you'll love it as much as I do. Enjoy your shopping sweethearts, my babies are home for good!
Can't wait to hear from you!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Mood On

russell athletic tee, nike sweatpants
Friday night in, and -God-it feels so good. Over the last 5 hours I've done my hair (it was raining all week and I totally looked like a psycho), had a manicure, browsed my favorite blogs, watched a couple of Breaking Bad episodes, Skyped like hell and here I am now drinking green tea and eating Haribo bears. I know the lack of personal posts may be irritating at times, but I have a serious shortage of free time over the past few months; whenever I have a gap in my schedule, all I want to do is wear some kind of comfy tracksuit and see my friends. Thanks for the understanding and being there at all times, though. Blogging is something I really love as, through it, I've met a dozen of amazing people that I wouldn't normally meet. It's probably just a workaholic phase that I love to hate. I'm going to be a serious blogger back again. Not sure when, but I will. 

Big kiss, 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Little Story About Uggs

It seems like yesterday, when I started noticing celebrities wearing their Juicy velours tucked in some kind of horribly designed sheep boots, that didn't seem to flatter even the shapest of bodies. And then again. And again. And I promised my self that I would never be that kind of girl, that would buy conviniently ugly shoes in the expense of femininity. And I kept my promise for many years to come.

People say "never say never" though, and I wasn't the exception to the rule. It was a day of 2009, middle August, in my two-month summer vacation in Sweden (sweden is NEVER too hot, believe me). I was up and down the streets all day/ night long, helping my dad with work, seeing friends and relatives, shopping blah-blah-blah. In a normal day at the shops, I came across a shoe store, and I decided to take a look. There came the shelves with the hideous shoes. I was like, "seriously, there can't be such fuss for THESE, I really must be missing something" and I decided to try on pair, just to search for the magic factor. And there it was. My swollen feet stepped on cloud of happiness. And I started telling myself, never to judge a book by its cover again. And I didn't want to take them off, but I eventually did, to return the next day to buy my first pair. Three years later, here comes my latest purchase. In the picture you can see me two days ago, on the bus, for my long weekend. Cozy, fluffy and still ugly, but what the hell?
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

I know boys hate them, my boyfriend thinks they look cute but funny, and I am here to agree, but enough is enough, there are some days in my life when all I want to do is wear a pair of black tights, a fluffy sweater and a pair of new Uggs, just to have a cup of warm chocolate in my favorite coffee house. And if men do not really like it, let them wait for me, until I am on my stilettos again. 

That simple!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Be-Wedged Via Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
In summer, we -girls- are usually very much into wedges. They come in many heights, designs and colors, and they give females the opportunity to walk around in heels without getting tired. I am a huge fan of wedged shoes as well, just because I adore heels, but I don't live in the Sex and the City world, and I have to run around the city as a normal working girl, that doesn't want to sacrifice femininity for the sake of comfort. Do I want it all? Well, why not.

And as if there is a God of fashion, my plea for a comfortable pair of heels was heeded, and there they are; wedged sandals gave their turn to wedged booties, and Isabel Marant has drawn the way to make wedged trainers a must for the urban fashionista. Suede ones, like the Betty London pair, Ash and Esprit, are perfect for those cold but dry, sunny winter days. They will keep your feet warm and stylish. Not to mention the leather versions, like the Guess pair or the Ugg one, that will be your daily ally, no matter how harsh weather conditions can be. And last, but most lovable of all, the Nike Sky Hi, a pair that I would never expect to be designed by a company like Nike, which is strictly dedicated to purely athletic designs. I've already placed my order, it's a black, wedged pair of boots, which I am going to show you right by the time it arrives home. 

Winter is close, 
but let's not make it sound THAT bad.

Love you all!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Αt the moment

victoria's secret tee, nike sweatpants and shoes
Well, long time no see, huh? I've just realised there's no greatest luxury than having the opportunity to be lazy, at least for a day, and that is exactly what I needed after a "time-flies-faster-than-the-wind" week. Speaking about the spur of the moment, this is everything I have done today; first of all, I managed to sleep for 8 straight hours. Shopped for groceries -hello Martha Stewart-, had coffee with my beloved friends, did a thousand ab exercises by laughing my heart out (the best kind of exercise in the world), made a delicious apple-plum pie, styled my hair and here I am now, twitting, blogging and browsing magazines. The world gets shittier day by day, so, why not enjoy life at its simplest form?

Have an amazing Saturday night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bliss via Spartoo.Gr

I am pretty sure you'll all recognize that handsome guy featured below, and who wouldn't? Marc Jacobs, the face behind the homonymous fashion house and creative director of Louis Vuitton since 2007, has never failed to cause style goosebumps to every fashion-wise woman worldwide. And I am here to put his difussion line -Marc by Marc Jacobs- in the limelight as, personally speaking, the certain line embodies the motto "value for money". Designs are really fashion-ahead, the materials used underline the need for a new word to describe quality, and the price range is quite affordable for every woman seeking a designer pair of shoes without intending to break the bank.
I really enjoy his everyday designs, like the wedged booties that look great with jeans and cozy sweaters, just like I adore those gorgeous-for-a-night-out sequined loafers, that will look amazing with any kind of fancy outfit. And of course, Marc Jacobs has managed to make an affordable version of the greatly coveted high-heeled sneaker of the season, in the perfect shade of emerald green. And last -I usually refer to my favorite pieces in the last part of every article- those biker boots, made with these buttery-soft leather materials, that will certainly make you caress them for a while, before trying them on. Not to mention Chiarra Ferragni's most favorite ballerina shoe of all time, the mouse flats, enhanced with studs (what else?) for this season. The choice is yours!
Have a great week, you all!
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