Monday, October 29, 2012

What's Up Doc? via Spartoo.Gr

Dr.Martens, the so-called British footwear brand, has been founded by Klaus Martens who used to be a doctor during World War II. His deep belief that army boots were way too uncomfortable for any kind of activity urged him to create a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles, by taking some leather from a cobbler's shop, after the end of the war. The success he dreamt of was out of sight, until he met up with an old university friend of his, Dr.Herbert Funck. He liked the basic idea of Marten's design and together they hit the shoe business, with 80% of sales in the first decade going to women over the age of 40. Over the years, sales have grown so much that the Doc Martens company -during 2012- was assessed as being the eighth fastest growing British company. Over 100 millions of pair have been sold over these 50 years, making the company to offer more than 250 different models during the last two years.
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Either you would love a core black pair, or you would stick to their classic burgundy one, the choices are endless. Personally, I like the edgy designs, like the Union Jack and the bold magenta pair, but for me, I would choose a classic grey pair that would look good with anything. Either a yummy mummy, like Gwen Stefani or Jessica Alba, or a super stylish teen, like Lourdes Leon, Hollywood seems to accentuate the fact that with the appropriate outfit, Dr.Martens can look good in every age group. Their design has survived over the pass of time, and that is a fact that can't be overseen. They look cute, they are durable (believe me, they get more precious as the years go by) and they will never look outdated. And when worn by Gwen, I have no right to object. 

Have a great week ladies and gentlemen!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spreading Colors

vero moda knit, hm trousers, lv purse, leather chucks from Spartoo.Gr
Throughout my teenage years, I used to a-d-o-r-e the color black. Black shoes, black jeans, black accessories, I had been thinking that black is the color of elegance; and maybe it is. The last three, maybe four, years though a huge change happened. I still buy some basic pieces in the certain shade (some people insist that black doesn't belong to the color spectrum) like shoes, LBDs, leather jackets and so on, but I simply cannot stand total black outfits. When the fun factor is missing, nothing seems good enough, isn't it? That's why I keep buying vividly colored garments, just to brighten up my days- enough is enough with all those bad news concerning the country and the economy. As the most favorite Greek poet of mine -maybe THE poet, Odysseus Elytis- had said "When you can't find spring, all you have to do is create it". And who am I to disagree?

Create your own spring,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Up To A Green Bill via Spartoo.Gr

I've never been the kind of girl who would spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, firstly because when I have an extra respectable amount of money in my bank account, I decide to buy a new purse, and secondly, I prefer to have fun in my shoes, and that means not having to constatly take care of my steps. And -heel yeah- when it comes to shoes, I have to admit that I'm quite of a destroyer. That is why I have set the limit of 300e (and that is valid only for something I am dying for), which allows me to buy quality shoes that I can keep for many years, without adding an extra angst factor in my life. Νo matter what, there are some times that we -girls- want an extra, new, stylish pair of feet ornaments that will make our days a bit more fun, and that means that we have to keep our budgets on a low standard. Don't worry, I have done half of the work for you! I've collected some amazing pieces for less than 50 euros, that can change your mood without breaking the bank.
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Either you need a pair of wellies, or a suede pair of pumps, you can take a look on my choices. I have to admit that I hate cheaply designed shoes, but the ones I chose do not look like this, at all. And if spending less that 50 euros seems too little for you, I have made some extra choices, reaching the top of 100 euros. At that point, it would be worth mentioning that I found it really difficult to decide over that plethora of choices, and that is why I have featured more pairs than I had to. The majority of them are made of real leather, and you'll keep those in your shoe closets for many seasons to come. Pairs of great style, studded or not, in suede or waxed leather, they will be a great company during humid winter days. All you have to do is take a look and try to decide. 
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Have you made your choices yet?


Monday, October 15, 2012

(Ι) Love Moschino by Spartoo.Gr

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Franco Moschino founded his brand back in the 1980s. His innovative, colorful designs made the Moschino Ηouse widely known as the happiest brand in the fashion scene (along with Sonia Rykiel, I would add). After his death, his chief assistant -Rossella Jardini-  became creative director and filled Mr. Moscino's shoes up to present. The former Moschino Jeans diffusion line, was renamed Love Moschino at the end of the previous decade; in essence though, nothing seemed strong enough to change Mr. Moschino's intense desire for quality and perfection.

I am really into fashion history, and I enjoy learning any kind of trivia for all these people who had the power to affect public expression through everyday things, like shoes and accessories. For me, Moschino embodies the concept of positive outlook to life (just remember all these cute little hearts, bows, penguins, heart studs and the list is never ending), in accordance to the needs of the contemporary woman. And I have never bought a pair of Moschinos that I didn't wear to death, because of their top of the top quality materials, which are combined with that amazing sense of comfort. Enjoy their new collection in Spartoo.Gr.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Style Nirvana for Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic has been the synonym of college chic, for more than a century, writing the first line of its history in sweet home Alabama, back in the 1900s, by an aspiring 26 year old man, named Benjamin Russell. Ever since, the house of Russell Athletic, going through thick and thin and after facing World War II, managed to be one of the basic suppliers for every major athletic event in the States, like the Major League Baseball and NFL. Today, with more than 14.000 dedicated employees, Russell Athletic is here to confirm that legends exist.
Personally speaking, I have always adored casual chic outfits and I never underestimate the value of nice fitting and cozy sportswear. For me, Russell clothing embodies the prerequisites of the perfect sports ensemble. Quality, soft materials and easygoing spirit all in one. Take a look at some of my favorite shots of their FW12 lookbook, and get ready to raid their online store. Plus, don't forget to like their Facebook page, in order to be up-to-date with their latest news and offers. 
(God, there's nothing I love more than men with basketball outfits. Ughm, I have my reasons.)

Big Kiss.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Teach Me How To Dougie by Spartoo.Gr

Ever since I was a little girl, every fall started with the purchase of a new pair of shoes for my PE course. At first, my pair of choice would be sparkly, glittery and -of course- lighted at the back. And every time the hallucination remained the same: I thought that my trainers were helping me run faster than anyone. In my teens, glittery shoes gave their turn to the latest Nike models, either they were called Nike Air, Nike Uptempo or Nike Whatever. A decade later, guess what? Some things remain the same; not only my devotion to Nike's wit, but also the fact that I still believe that I run faster when I wear a new pair of shoes
And there they are, right at my door! After wearing my Nike Skylines to death (these shoes never seem to get old), a new design came to steal my heart, those Nike Air Force 1 beauties in bright red. I know, they seem awkward at the beginning but they look like the perfect match for my lazy outfits. I really couldn't decide about the colour; I find the pure white Air Force 1 divine, but I couldn't resist the crazy colour combo featured above. Plus, they come with a second pair of black shoe laces, so you can make the whole outfit look more neutral. Not to mention that my boyfriend and my best friend keep an eye on the white pair, and I really want to avoid the moment that we'll meet for a coffee, wearing the same shoes in 38, 48 and 42 correspondingly. 
Plus, in Spartoo.Gr I can always have my package right at my door, in 5 working days, free returns and payments are more flexible than any other on-line shop. Spartoo, here I am, your golden member and a true devotee.

What is your most recent purchase?

Froso M.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Yet?

vero moda dress, vintage purse, bcbg shoes
Time goes on and on, but summer seems quite unwilling to give its turn to autumn. I am not sure whether I like it or not, the only thing I am sure about is that I don't have the time to reorganise my closet. So, I guess, summer is good for now. I am trying to get used to my new schedule, which is quite sadistic I have to say, as I squeezed everything in four days just to be free the other three (I have some things going on at the moment, but I'd rather play it mysterious), so my day begins at 7:45am and ends a couple of hours after midnight. Dead. Just like now. I need a beautysleep honeys, so nighty night!  I'm looking forward to your comments, as always.


Monday, October 1, 2012

All The Bag Ladies in Spartoo.Gr

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According to my way of thinking, every woman suffers many syndromes in her life; the most common ones are the Cinderella syndrome (the shoes are never enough) or the "Carrying My Life Around, Still Looking Fabulous" according to which the bag you carry defines your ego in the society (that's me, obviously). A purse doesn't need to be made from a designer house, but it -sure as hell- needs to be made from the finest materials in order to make you look classy and sassy. 

If you follow Style Nirvana for quite a long time, you may have noticed my passion for designer purses or small vintage treasures that I love to discover in my raids to small vintage stores. And that is because, the value of a fine leather bag (which may cost from 150 bucks to infinity and beyond) will show off itself time after time. That is why I never find it exaggerating to spend a respectable amount of money from time to time, in order to get a dream purse, a purse that will make my Zara dresses look like Prada, and will transform my sloppy gym outfits to casual chic combinations. I mean, come on! Boys are not ashamed to spent a month's salary over a phone!!! Plus, your purse will never run the danger of a broken screen, or you'll never be betrayed by an exhausted battery.

Your turn now:
what's your budget limit for a quality purse?

Can't wait to hear your fabulous opinions.
Froso M.
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