Monday, July 30, 2012

Miniature Style In Spartoo.Gr

Talking about style and fashion, we can't regard those as a grown-ups privilege anymore. More and more companies have started to invest in their children shoe department, by creating designs that could easily be worn not only by children, but also by teens and adults. The new shoe designs combine anatomical shapes, sturdy constructions, style and -of course- colors that appeal to those beautiful little eyes (and feet). Some of them are for boys, some of them are for girls, many of them are unisex, but they are all more than cute. Wanna take a look at some examples?
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I remember me, throughout my childhood, having an intense say on my shoe choices. Just like that, I remember my first two, purely fashionistic pairs of shoes; a gold Pierre Cardin pair of ballerinas, and a leopard print pair of Lapin booties. Till nowadays, that passion for sparkle and animal prints remains!

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So, whether you are an older sister, a mum, an aunt or a godmother, there is always a reason to shop for children goodies. Remember that outstanding quality is the basic prerequisite and shop from well known brands that work as a material guarantee as well. Your little ones deserve the best, so as you.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Collections in Spartoo.Gr

Sales are on, so you can get many summer items more than half price. But, is it that your eyes are always caught by the non-sale, fall/winter collections? Yeah, story of my life as well. Big sport brand names like Adidas, Nike and Reebok are some of the first ones to launch their fall collections, so, let's take a look.
Ever since its foundation in 1948 by the German Adolf Dassler, its three parallel lines logo is one of the most well known logos worldwide, and a synonym of quality and style. I love those new models, featuring some metallic details, because the certain sneakers do not only look good in the gym, but are perfect for use out and about. 
Being a massive Nike supporter myself, I can talk about the certain company's expertise in shoes for hours. Not only do they embody every latest technology possible in their designs , but they also know how to do it like a boss. Nike shoes have been my first choice ever since I remember having a say in my selections, and their construction and style quality has never betrayed me.
I really swear, I have never been a Reebok fan, yet lately, the certain company has made such jumps in merchandizing up their designs with new technologies, mass advertising and great colors (yes, I am truly devoted to vivid hues), that I couldn't help giving those a try. After all, girls are all about the shoes, and a pair of bright pink trainers can make us run that extra mile on the treadmill, can't they?

Have a stylish week,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping Galore via Spartoo.Gr

Living in a small town, where the central roads look nothing like 5th avenue, online shopping is the greatest remedy for my intense consuming instinct. Lately, I've been talking a lot about Spartoo.Gr; it's time for me to show you my latest orders and explain my devotion to the certain online shop.
Extra cute Mel jelly sandals, with a 3D heart detail. Made me feel like a 6 year old, again!
It's the first time I've ever bought a tall pair of Chucks, and I chose it to be a leather one!
Seriously now, how could a Converse fan resist to those?
So, what's great about Spartoo.Gr?
  • There's a great variety of more that 600 brands.
  • Anything you order, you get it within 5 working days.
  • Free Shipping for orders over 60 euros.
  • Free Returns (how amazing is that?)
  • Excellent customer service. Personal experience speaking, the girls in the calling center are lovable, and they care about solving your problems, or answering your questions.
  • Sales all year long.
  • After every purchase, you get an email asking you to judge their services. As a pay off, you get a 10 euros discount for your next purchase. Every time.
  • With every purchase you get some Spartoo points, that will lead to great discounts as well.
Would you think of any further reasons to shop?


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Technology Clothes via Spartoo.Gr

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Either you are a frequent traveler, or an urban pirate, you can easily recognize the deep need for some kind of protection for your precious gadgets. We all have our compact cameras in our handbags, carefully put in a beautiful pouch, our make up stuff in a cute vanity case, even our mobile phones in specially made cases (uhm, except for me, that's why my Blackberry is scratched to death, -not to mention the broken screen-, but let me keep my drama away). But when it comes to laptop cases or Ipad sleeves, the need for an ultra luxurious, yet sturdy, case is intensified. 

Laptops are usually kept on hands, outside the bag. This means that the case you have chosen will be totally visible to the public. Great brands, like Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and D&G have launched some great designs (at an even greater price, according to my shopping research). That is to say, you can carry around your laptop in an amazing designer case, for not more than 50-80 euros.

Last but not least, wouldn't you carry around that mirror D&G case as an oversized clutch for a fabulous night out? I would certainly do, excuse me now, I need to keep up with my cyber shopping, the question is: silver or gold? That D&G beauty has to be mine.

What kind of case do you use for your laptop/ Ipad?


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skater Chic in Spartoo.Gr

It is widely known that there is a continental divide between the East Coasters and the West Coasters; the first ones are avid supporters of Converse All Stars, whereas the second ones tend to prefer Vans. But why not both? Vans are the sneakers that scream California cool, and -above all- the trademark shoe for the worldwide skaters. Let's take a look at the real thing now.
 Fashion 101:
Vans were created in the '60s and are a SoCal legend.
It was the West Coast skating community that earned the company
a cultish following. Skaters in Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica began 
entering stores and asking for custom-made pairs (the company is famous for its
customized services), and soon every skater (and surfer) along the California coast 
had a pair of Vans. Then, in the 1980s, Vans hit the big time when 
a little movie called Fast Times at Ridgemont High hit the theaters.
Spicoli (Sean Penn) wore his pair of checkered Vans everywhere,
and within weeks the company was producing
millions of pairs of the shoe. 
Excerpt taken from Nina Garcia's book,
The One Hundred
 Your turn:
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