Thursday, May 31, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

"Πουθενά δεν πάω, μ'ακούς
ή κανείς ή κι οι δύο μαζί, μ'ακούς"
Oδυσσέας Ελύτης

Tattoos are purely personal, part of our ego, and I am constantly thinking of a new work of art to add on my skin. Each one represents a part of your life, a phase that you've been through and you never want to forget, a constant reminder of life lessons you've learned along the way.

Those are some lines of a -very popular, I guess- greek poem, called "The Monogram". Written by Odysseus Elytis back in 1971, it has always given me the goosebumps, ever since I was a teenager. For me, that is the meaning of true love; assuring the person you love, no matter if he or she is a lover, a friend, or a family member, that you will never let the fear of separation come between you two. No matter the distance, no matter the years, no matter even God. 

It's greek, it features my own handwriting, it's perfectly imperfect, it's me.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Havaianas in Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

(Just a few lines from one of my favorite fashion books)

"In Brazil, Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas) are a national treasure.
They are so essential that they are sold in the supermarket right along with rice and beans.
They are called 'the democratic sandal,' since everyone from the average citizen to the highest dignitary wears them. So in 2002, when Jean Paul Gaultier sent fifty models down the runway in Havaianas, Brazilians were not nearly as intrigued as the rest of us were.
What was it about these flip-flops that made them runway worthy, we wanted to know.
And why was every celebrity suddenly sporting a pair?
And then we tried them on. And we loved them. I love them.

Sure, they are cute, but the great appeal of the Havaianas is how butter-soft they are.
As soon as you put them on, you are not going to want to take them off.
You realize what the obsession is all about, and you start justifying wearing flip-flops 
with just about anything"

Nina Garcia,
The One Hundred
A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

Fun Fact: If all the Havaianas in the world were laid out end to end, they would go around the world fifty times.

Currently, I own two pairs; a silver one and a purple one.
What about you?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedges at Spartoo.Gr

I remember my first pair of wedges. I was 14 years old and they were a jean 12cm pair, with turquoise flowers at the back of the heel. Tacky or not, whenever I wore those (only on Saturdays, I was a junior high student after all) I felt like I was at the top of the world. At some point I was.
 Years have passed, my taste in clothes and shoes has evolved (thank God), but still, I am a huge fan of that kind of shoe, especially in summer. Wedges -sky high or not- combine style with that carefree spirit that is a prerequisite for summer walks, no matter if they are under the midday sun or the summer moon. Plus, a 14cm pair -just like those Sebastian ones- can be comfortable as well, because of the ankle strap, something that is out of question with pumps.
In fact, wedges are hated by the majority of men, but that's just a little trivia, cause we have to wear whatever suits our mood, don't we? (plus, I would never like to date that guy who cannot recognize the hotness that Sebastian pair embodies) In the second set of pictures there are some examples of semi-formal pairs that would look great with our sundresses, at evening walks or shopping marathons with our girlfriends (just imagine wearing the floral Pepe ones  with some used jean shorts and a loose white cotton t-shirt. Magic).
And the list is never ending; wedges, especially in their navy version (take a look at French Connection and the red Magrids) will be your perfect style ally for the whole season. Not to underestimate their rock versions (call me Michael Kors or Guess) who will be there to take you to summer concerts and open bars. Which style will be yours?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

No 200

vila dress
And my summer mood is officially on!
After two hectic exam weeks over essays, books, and English exam papers I am off duty. I haven't been out for a drink for a week or so, I have a serious lack of sleep and I passed the acceptable anxiety borderline; today, though, my little ones had their oral exams and I am a really proud teacher, that can rest at last. It feels so rejuvenating working with kids and teens, but it is more difficult than any of you would think. Vacation until September is on the way -that is the best part of being a teacher, I guess- and I intend to be sleeping overhours for at least a week.

Love you much,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Casadei (aka I'm Sexy and I Know It) at Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Dear fellows with the Cinderella syndrome, all over the globe. 
Remember those days, when you were a little girl with two uneven pigtails at each side of your head, holding tight your mother's hand? Those days, usually at the beginning of every season that you used to go to a local shop, intending to buy a proper pair of shoes to wear at school or in a special occasion, like your classmates' birthdays (that was a quite big thing when I was a kid). But -above all- I am sure as hell that you remember the immensity of your craving for your mother's high heels (even though they do not seem that high nowadays), and the times that you used to step inside her shoes , trying to walk like a lady. (by the way, mum you rocked, I still remember your see-through Dior pumps). Now, that we are quite older, the same passion for special shoes is shared at every part of the world. And who could embody that passion better than a fashion house like Casadei?
When it comes to shoes, I usually go for the simple way. Cause the simplest the shoe, the most outrageous dresses can it support. And I love living my shoes,  not only watching them at the shelves of my bookcase (Oh, haven't I mentioned before that I keep my shoes in a bookcase?). No matter what, a proper pair of shoes has to be one or two colored at most. Either you would go for a purple pair of pumps, like the satin ones featured in the first picture, or the beige/black one with the bow (awww, what a beauty!), Casadei is here to seal the contract of quality and style. No matter the height of the heel, I would guarantee you that Casadei artists have managed to find the perfect balance between the wearability and looks. Still, my favorite ones  would be the neutral ones featured in the second picture, no surprise, huh?

Which ones do you prefer,
flashy or neutral pairs?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

D&G at Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr 
No recommendations are needed when talking about a brand, like Dolce & Gabbana. Over the years, Domenico and Stefano have made us to stand in awe in front of their creations -sorry, I meant masterpieces- and sense the fine Italian leather quality. Bags, shoes or any kind of luxury bits and pieces can brighten up your days, and make your Zara outfits look like a million. Believe me, a fine purse combined with a chipie dress is always a hit. On the contrary, a cheap purse can destroy even an Alaia gown. I bet you know that yourselves. Taking all these under consideration, I gasped in front of the versatility of the new D&G collection featured in my favorite Spartoo.Gr. It's not just about the bags, though. Take a look at these small treasures I just came across:
These shoes are difficult to describe, because of their cuteness and amazing design. Who told that style cannot be paired with comfort? I can't get my eyes off of these cherry details, I am such a girl's girl at times...And there are more to come.
Women pay a big attention to details, and those key chains are the perfect instance to take into consideration. Oh, these cherries again, how cute? Not to mention the usefulness of a fine quality D&G belt, that will instantly make your jeans look even more luxurious. And, talking about details, they are a perfect choice for a present to a special person, aren't they?

Which ones would you choose?
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