Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Latest Purchase

I used to be one of these messy girls who had a plethora of whatever-you-may-imagine in their closets, shoe boxes etc. Specifically about shoes I had grey gladiators, leopard peep-toes, suede boots, and whatever you may name. But I always lacked of these basic pairs, like a classic and easy to walk pair of black pumps. During the past two years I have totally replaced black shoes with leopard ones, just because they seem to add that extra half an inch in most of my single-colored outfits need. What is more, it is becoming easier to find the craziest designs you may imagine, rather that finding a proper simple lined one, for these times that you just wanna walk on the safe side.
12cm heel -walkable enough- bought at Spartoo.Gr
Some time ago, I have surely mentioned that I live in a small town that offers no shopping facilities for extra picky customers like me. I mean, there are many shops but the quality and designs offered do not look appropriate for my taste, as I always pay more attention to the quality rather than the price; especially when it has to do with my feet, the part of me that has the role of carrying the whole weight of me.  Our feet deserve the best of choices, and Spartoo.Gr has been my saviour -once again. Being a full-time teacher I seriously lack the time to visit my favorite shoe shops in my beautiful Thessaloniki, and what is better that ordering something on-line and waiting for the UPS Santa to bring it right at your door? Nine West is one of my favorite brands, as it offers great classic designs, in an array of quality materials, in really affordable prices. What will be your choice.

Start preparing your Christmas outfits, lovelies!


A BRIT GREEK said...

LOVE! Every girl needs a gazillion pairs of beautiful heels!

T the Beauty Queen said...

με γεια σου!!! δολοφονικά ψηλοτάκουνα!

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