Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Mood On

russell athletic tee, nike sweatpants
Friday night in, and -God-it feels so good. Over the last 5 hours I've done my hair (it was raining all week and I totally looked like a psycho), had a manicure, browsed my favorite blogs, watched a couple of Breaking Bad episodes, Skyped like hell and here I am now drinking green tea and eating Haribo bears. I know the lack of personal posts may be irritating at times, but I have a serious shortage of free time over the past few months; whenever I have a gap in my schedule, all I want to do is wear some kind of comfy tracksuit and see my friends. Thanks for the understanding and being there at all times, though. Blogging is something I really love as, through it, I've met a dozen of amazing people that I wouldn't normally meet. It's probably just a workaholic phase that I love to hate. I'm going to be a serious blogger back again. Not sure when, but I will. 

Big kiss, 

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Fashion Blawger said...

I LOOOOOVE the green color of the wall behind you. And the animal print looks great against it! That would be such an inspiring place to sit at while blogging LD

A Preponderance of Fashion

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