Monday, November 12, 2012

Be-Wedged Via Spartoo.Gr

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In summer, we -girls- are usually very much into wedges. They come in many heights, designs and colors, and they give females the opportunity to walk around in heels without getting tired. I am a huge fan of wedged shoes as well, just because I adore heels, but I don't live in the Sex and the City world, and I have to run around the city as a normal working girl, that doesn't want to sacrifice femininity for the sake of comfort. Do I want it all? Well, why not.

And as if there is a God of fashion, my plea for a comfortable pair of heels was heeded, and there they are; wedged sandals gave their turn to wedged booties, and Isabel Marant has drawn the way to make wedged trainers a must for the urban fashionista. Suede ones, like the Betty London pair, Ash and Esprit, are perfect for those cold but dry, sunny winter days. They will keep your feet warm and stylish. Not to mention the leather versions, like the Guess pair or the Ugg one, that will be your daily ally, no matter how harsh weather conditions can be. And last, but most lovable of all, the Nike Sky Hi, a pair that I would never expect to be designed by a company like Nike, which is strictly dedicated to purely athletic designs. I've already placed my order, it's a black, wedged pair of boots, which I am going to show you right by the time it arrives home. 

Winter is close, 
but let's not make it sound THAT bad.

Love you all!


Ms. Dainty Doll said...

So nice x

Claire D. T said...

Το πάνω αριστερά είναι τέλειο :)

Hannah said...

i really want a decent pair of shoe boots for this winter!
i like the tan ones with the wedge heel


J. said...

Ugg actually made something I like...those boots are fabulous!

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