Monday, October 8, 2012

Teach Me How To Dougie by Spartoo.Gr

Ever since I was a little girl, every fall started with the purchase of a new pair of shoes for my PE course. At first, my pair of choice would be sparkly, glittery and -of course- lighted at the back. And every time the hallucination remained the same: I thought that my trainers were helping me run faster than anyone. In my teens, glittery shoes gave their turn to the latest Nike models, either they were called Nike Air, Nike Uptempo or Nike Whatever. A decade later, guess what? Some things remain the same; not only my devotion to Nike's wit, but also the fact that I still believe that I run faster when I wear a new pair of shoes
And there they are, right at my door! After wearing my Nike Skylines to death (these shoes never seem to get old), a new design came to steal my heart, those Nike Air Force 1 beauties in bright red. I know, they seem awkward at the beginning but they look like the perfect match for my lazy outfits. I really couldn't decide about the colour; I find the pure white Air Force 1 divine, but I couldn't resist the crazy colour combo featured above. Plus, they come with a second pair of black shoe laces, so you can make the whole outfit look more neutral. Not to mention that my boyfriend and my best friend keep an eye on the white pair, and I really want to avoid the moment that we'll meet for a coffee, wearing the same shoes in 38, 48 and 42 correspondingly. 
Plus, in Spartoo.Gr I can always have my package right at my door, in 5 working days, free returns and payments are more flexible than any other on-line shop. Spartoo, here I am, your golden member and a true devotee.

What is your most recent purchase?

Froso M.


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