Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spreading Colors

vero moda knit, hm trousers, lv purse, leather chucks from Spartoo.Gr
Throughout my teenage years, I used to a-d-o-r-e the color black. Black shoes, black jeans, black accessories, I had been thinking that black is the color of elegance; and maybe it is. The last three, maybe four, years though a huge change happened. I still buy some basic pieces in the certain shade (some people insist that black doesn't belong to the color spectrum) like shoes, LBDs, leather jackets and so on, but I simply cannot stand total black outfits. When the fun factor is missing, nothing seems good enough, isn't it? That's why I keep buying vividly colored garments, just to brighten up my days- enough is enough with all those bad news concerning the country and the economy. As the most favorite Greek poet of mine -maybe THE poet, Odysseus Elytis- had said "When you can't find spring, all you have to do is create it". And who am I to disagree?

Create your own spring,


Keit said...

I myself am a color freak :-D The outfit is adorable, the braid is amazing too!

J. said...

Great quote!
I love this post...I come from a place where a lot of people wear black but since I moved to a sunnier climate I noticed more people in color...I've since added a few new shades but always love the black...

Noelia B. said...

Great outfit, I live really love the outfits in this style, combining chic pieces like your blouse and converse! The color of the pants is beautiful!

Lady-Pa said...

you look fab

love the shirt



Anusha Outfitter said...

Nice green pants!

Claire D. T said...

Υπέροχο πράσινο χρώμα!! :)
Και το συνδύασες τέλεια..

Stavroula DrugstoreBLover said...

Καλά το χρώμα του παντελονιού είναι απίθανο και τρελαίνομαι για την κοτσίδα σου!! x

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